masking the wonderful smell of harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ian.van, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. so harvest is in a few days and i have the re occoring issue that it makes my entire house AND yard sooo STAAAAAANKY. not while growing i have a huge commercial carbon scrubber with a vortex 4" pulling on it full blast. but still isnt enough to lessen the smell during cutting. is there anything you guys have found to mask the odor while trimming? maybe a certain candle scent or inscents in addition to the carbon filter?
  2. Close off a room and use ozium. Our you can keep it where you grow and let the carbon scrubber keep doing what its doing lol
  3. OooooO! never heard of using ozium! can i pick that up at my local walmart/massivemarket ? my grow area is inside another small room unfortunately so i kinda have to drag all the plants through 2 rooms. the scrubber is SOME WHAT nearby, but definitely not close enough to have a real measurable effect
  4. isnt having o3 in your growroom not conducive to your health?
  5. buy a huge vacum
  6. correct. air ionizers & ozone generators are both corrosive to animal & plant tissue.

    ozium...........careful with that shit, you can ruin your buds if the spray gets on them! and i know you guys arent directly spraying the buds......that fine mist can travel quite far in the air, so be careful.

    carbon scrubbers are your best bet. right where the air is blowing out for my out take vent (from my flowering room), i have peanut butter jars that i cleared out, drilled holes in, and filled with "ona gel." the carbon filter does most of the work; the ona gel is for an extra precaution.

    hope this helps, take care!


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