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Masking the smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OriginUnknown, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. So I don't usually worry about this, but tomorrow I'm smoking my first dank and the stuff we got smells amazing....But I'm sure my parent's wouldn't like the smell. This dank can be smelled from pretty good ways away so chances are the same will apply once it's smoked.
    Whats a good way to mask the smell? I should be outdoors for a good bit but I'd still like to be cautious.
  2. Candles work wonders
  3. Get a water bottle (plastic)
    Cut holes in the bottom
    Stuff dryer sheets in the bottle
    Blow through the mouthpiece

  4. Answer to any question: VAPE
  5. a good incense stick can do wonders.
  6. burn a bag of popcorn in the microo
  7. I always use Febreeze and sometimes if I find one, a ordorless candle from Yankee candle. Works great.
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    after re-reading your question it sounds like you're worried about the smell sticking to you once you come home? if you want to be thorough as can be, change clothes and shower at a friend's before you come home. if thats not an option, you could try wearing a good sized hoodie while you smoke, then take it off after, spray some axe or whatever you would normally use, THEN walk around outside to air yourself off. that way you don't come home reeking of axe. instead, the scent covers the bud, then fades, so it smells like you'd been wearing it all day. also dont forget eyedrops and some gum. also a drink is nice so you dont come home with a bad case of the cottons! lol

    hope this answers your question! have fun, be safe, and stay lifted!

    also if you're going to have any of this dank bud on/around you(in your room), find a mason jar for storage. the kind with the two part rubber seal lid. airproof=no smell and your bud stays fresh!

  9. hahaha QFT man.

    incense is the shit. i love it. but be careful with it though. if you don't normally light incense and you randomly light it one night your rents might suspect something. same goes for candles.

    a sploof also works to a certain extent.

    but if you're going to be outside, may as well smoke outside. then cover up with body spray or cologne or somethin.
  10. Inside:
    Sploof - Any Variation
    A candle
    Some spray such as ozium or febreeze

    Axe or Ozium
    Pocket-Sized Plastic Seal Jar

    Those are some options.
  11. after your done blazing smoke a cig. Blow smoke on both hands, under your shirt and on your clothes. Or just put some axe on
  12. In all honesty, if aren't smoking the bowl, and walking right up and hugging your mom and dad, you'll be fine. Just because it is smelly bud and you'll be chopped doesn't mean it will be more smelly smoke on your clothes.

    My personal tips to get rid of smell:
    - Walk around outside
    - Drive with windows down
    - Shower

    IF you are in need of cover from smell within 5-20 minutes, spray a little bit of Axe all over your chest, then continue to walk around so it all blends into one nice smelling dude, ya know? Don't worry about smell, worry about how red your eyes are. Eye drops can be a life saver!
  13. LOL this is sooo true. Recently my mom came to visit me and as she pulls up in her rental car, I just toked a fatttt bowl... so the second I get in, "You smell like pot, you been smoking pot?" "Isn't it too early (in the morning) to be smoking pot?" Me: "no..."

  14. NO lol that is like the worst smell and it lingers forever. My house smelt like that for about 3 days straight, but i burnt the shit out of it.
    i like insence, some lotion, or cinamon apple febreeze.

  15. lmfao thats the point thoughhh :smoke:

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