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Masking smells

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Captain Pooding, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, i'm just starting to smoke weed and i was wondering what would be effective to mask the smells hat stay on your clothes, because my dad is a cop an hes trained to smell that kind of shit and i cant fully relax without trying to stay outside and whatnot
  2. Oh shit your dad is a cop, that suckssssss.
  3. Tell me about it, i cant wait to get my own place so i can get stoned baaad
  4. Blow out a carbon sploof (search on the boards, theres a great tutorial on how to make one) when you smoke. A lot better than the dryer sheets one but it won't eliminate all the smell completely. Sucks that your dad is a cop, you can also try cologne / other spray to cover up.
  5. i don't need to worry about making indoor smells as i smoke with friends in their purpose built drug flat, i just need to be worried about going home.
  6. Getting rid of the smell of the actual smoke will definitely help reduce the smell of smoke on your clothes though
  7. Have you never heard:

    Cops got the best dope.....

  8. Doesnt mean he will let me smoke it, if he ever finds out he will kick me out of the house.
  9. smoke and wait a while before you go home or put on alot of axe
  10. you should invest in your own place, or wear alot of cologne and use hand sanitizer and mouthwash/gum
  11. 2 more years the ill be living on a university campus, hopefully i can smoke peacefully there
  12. febreze = a stoners best friend
  13. lol glad i dont have to worry about that, guess i lucked out and got the hippie parents

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