masking smell of cannabis plants

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  1. I will say if you get 1 that is CARBON it should work. Carbon is what is used in the scrubbers we use. It needs to be enough filtering for the area though.
  2. That will not work. You need a proper fan and carbon filter combo. Those things are for minor household smells, not for growing weed
  3. Yes. I think with the replacement carbon filters it would work... BUT the price of the unit and filters comes to almost a thousand dollars.. for that price it's just not worth it.. ;) I could set up a small grow with light,tent, fan and filter,and whatever else I need for that price...:cool:
  4. What would you recommend then, can you link it?
  5. What size is the grow space? how many lights? what size lights? :confused:
  6. Certain things with MJ growing are not worth trying to build yourself, but a carbon filter definitely is. The design is pretty simple, and you can save big bucks for something just as effective for a fraction of the cost. Check out the DIY section, several tutorials there...
  7. My DIY filter sucked. I bought a phresh filter and an inline fan. Went from stink from 1 tiny plant 3 weeks into flower to no smell at all with 4 3' plants 45 days in. Don't skimp on lights or filtration if you need to keep the smell down. If you don't care about smell, spending on lights

    Your space is 20' x 20' and you are gonna use CFL? Get a bigger light and a real filter. You could go crazy in that space.
  8. I think he meant 20", hopefully.

    DIY filters work if you do the properly. If your filter was made correctly, and there was still odor from one tiny plant, you probably had too much airflow. Anytime you smell something, IMO you should first dial back the fan and give the carbon more scrubbing time.

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