Mashed potatoes

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  1. Are you supposed to cook mashed potatoes before you mash them, or after? I always thought it was before.. but this recipe I'm looking at says after. The recipe sounds right.. but Idk.

    Somebody must know!
  2. After makes sense cuz potatoes are pretty damn hard when raw. You might kill yourself trying to mash them before, but I never made mashed potatoes before so its just speculation.
  3. 1.Cook potatoes
    2. Mash them in bowl
    3. Insert 3 cups canna butter after its all mashed then just mix it around.
    4. Feed to grandma, mom, dad, and the whole family!

    A night to remember..
  4. Always cook then mash...Happy thanksgiving!
  5. I peel, chop and then cook the potatoes. I use as little water as possible, then I add whole milk, butter and salt when the potatoes are soft, and mash! Parsley and/or chives are nice a addition. For very creamy potatoes, use your mixer on a low speed to finish them.

  6. I wash them. Then I peel them and chop them up. Put them into boiling water. You know they're done when you poke them with a fork and they fall off the fork. Once they're done I drain them and then I put milk and butter in them and mash them with my mixer.

    You can't mash potatoes before you cook them, they are way too hard.
  7. well i never made mashed potatoes because baked ones are much nicer , damn I used to eat mashed potatoes a lot still think there ok but baked are so nice , try baked please
  8. cook the potatoes first.. has anyone tried mixing sweat potatoes and regular in mashed potatoes?
  9. Thanks for the responses! I considered using some weed in the food.. but my mom's against weed, and I'm actually cooking for her as a surprise. She doesn't even know I'm at her house, because she's working today. She thinks I'm doing Thanksgiving with a friend. I'm sneaky sneaky sir...
  10. Thats awesome bud! Hope it all turns out well :smoke:
  11. [​IMG]
    Little creamy?? :laughing:

    Dinner's done!!! :wave:
  12. 1. Boil em.
    2. Mash em.
    3. Stick em in your stew.
  13. Throw some cream cheese in ya mashed potatoes.

    Sooooo good.
  14. how does one mash a raw potatoe?
  15. D

    Im kind of disappointed you didnt like to a scientific study about the effeciency of different ways of mashing spuds...
  16. Thanks, it did go well. She was surprised and all the food turned out delicious!

    The potatoes did end up being a bit lumpy, but not too bad!
  17. Hey nothing wrong with some lumpy mashed tatars. I personaly like
    a few lumps in mine. :yummy:
  18. I remember a thread on another forum of a kid complaining his moms mashed tatters sucked . I nearly pissed myself

  19. Also skins...that shit is bomb.
  20. Yay fallout picture is awesome

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