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Maryland MMJ Card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CB323, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Okay, so I am 18 and a Highschool senior. I smoke Marijuana illegally, but medicinally. I have an appointment with my Therapist (mainly an anger Therapist). I refuse to go on any non-natural drug, due to me feeling like I have some strange over addiction to things (games, fourms, exercise) anything really. It's hard to explain, but true. So, I currently live in Maryland and would like to bring up the point of medical Marijuana to my Therapist later today. I'm not sure if he even has any sway or if he is able to write any recommendation. But, the points I am going to bring up with him are all true and honestly do suffer from these:

    • Insomnia - Although it is not as bad as other cases, I actively have trouble falling asleep. When I have something to think about, or something on my mind that I want to do or am stressing about I will roll in my bed all night till 3-4 a.m when I am finally dose off and get 1-2 hours of sleep.
    • Anxiety - Once again, not as serious as other people but I have strong nervousness about the way people think of me. I want to set a good impression on everyone and I really fear getting embarrassed or put on the spot in a large crowd. If I have any sort of facial discrepancies (acne, scars or cuts) on my face I tend to get very worried and don't want to even attend school.
    • Cramps - I have seen mixed emotions about MMJ helping with cramps/joint pain. In my calfs (mainly) and my arms I tend to get really painful cramps that will take around 5-10 minutes to go away, but if I work those muscles again they will come right back and usually worse.
    • Anger issues - This is a huge problem of mine. This is the main reason my parents send me to this Therapist due to my constant and unpreventable short temper. Anything done can set me on a rampage. I start punching holes in walls and even start fights with people. I can't control it and I know my capabilities with my martial arts background and it needs to be fixed. I have tried therapy (the Therapist) but talking about my emotions really isn't for me. I'm more of a keep it inside kind of person until someone sets me off.
    • Headaches - I constantly (CONSTANTLY) get severe headaches. I just take advil and pray that it will fix it. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't.

    If you feel it's worth talking to my Therapist about the possibility of medical marijuana please let me know below. I don't want to go in there and make myself look like an idiot getting all the facts wrong.

    I am in the state of Maryland.

  2. Really disappointed to see no feedback. I go to the therapist in an hour and I'm hoping to get some insight by then.
  3. How'd it go? I'm not in a legal state so I don't know anything about it but I'm curious

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  4. Most legal states with the exception of extreme states like Iowa give you the ability to apply for a medical card directly through the state health department. If you have a chronic conditions on file (typically means you've been to the doctor a few times within a relatively short period) that fits the list, you can submit your request without your doctor. It varies by state but I've seen this in the vast majority. So if your doctor appointment didn't go well, try what I said. That being said, you'll need something on file from your doctor though. If you've been to the doctor multiple times for a condition, it will be in your file.

    If in Maryland you must receive a doctor referal, which I don't believe is the case there, correct if I'm wrong, you can check around for referrals. Understand that a doctor, or the majority, aren't going to give you a recommendation (if it's even needed) on your first visit. If you've been seen multiple times, you should be alright.

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    After reading your post further (I'm high so I didn't gather it all the first time), it sounds like you've been to a therapist regularly? If this is the case, is this a school therapist or a private practice or doctor's office? I ask because you mentioned you're in school and, although I don't know this for fact, I would imagine a school counselor, unless you ask and they agree to release your records to you, would not have anything note wise show up when you apply to the health department.

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