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Mary J's affect on my Poo

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xtully420, May 23, 2010.

  1. Recently, for about a month now, i've been smokin a bowl every night and sometimes a blunt.. I've noticed that whenever i wipe my ass, my shit is like the color of green grass, not the brown color most people's poo looks like. Could this be related to smoking or smoking so frequently?

    P.S. im not trolling, this a serious, legitimate question..
  2. Sounds more like you're on the "All -American Diet," i.e. you eat WAY too much fatty and sugary foods. Same thing happens to me when I do. However, I can attest that on more than one occasion, I am fairly certain smoking too much made my shit smell like weed.

  3. ^
    Listen to the man; clearly, he knows his shit.

  4. It could be fast food because i have been eating wendy's lately for lunch.. It also could be drinking alot of gatorade except ive been sippin on g2 blue berry and pomegranate.. Thanks for the quick replies.

    Edit: scatfactory, thanks man must be the g2.. my green tinted poo doesnt bother me, i was just curious haha
  5. Wait a minute....

    There's a website called PoopReport? Well, now I have seen everything. And yes, I have seen a man eat his own head, but probably not the one you're thinking of....
  6. so, do you just munch out on candy all the time when you get stoned?
  7. maybe your munchie snacks are doing that
    so indirectly it is the weed :p lol
    but i doubt smoking would make it green lol
  8. I thought I had heard it all.....
  9. Also theres that site "rate my poop" or something like that. Even more impressive :p

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