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  1. do i start this. last year around september i started blazing. i kept blazing, i would smoke like 2 times a week. then i met a friend who had a cannabis card= medical marijuana.....and lots of it. anyways. for the last 2 or 3 months i smoked weed every single day. when i wasn't at work or drunk....i was high. from when i woke up to before i went to sleep. i couldn't eat or sleep unless i was high . some friends of mine wanted to do an intervention. anyways my parents realised what was happening and long story short i thought about it and im trying to stop. the last time i blazed was yesterday around 3 oclock. last night i had trouble falling asleep and i haven't ate much of anything for a couple days. today is the first full day i havent smoked. what do you guys think? marijuana can be pretty addictive i think. i love weed and im not going to stop for forever, but just every once and a while. what are your guys opinions and just venting i guess but not blazing is hard:(
  2. hopefully you'll lose some love for that "addiction" you have.. i've been smoking for about 4 years wow .. and this year i been getting high but not like before =[ so now i dont even give a fuck bout it.. but u gotta find an alternative , i'm playin soccer now most likely will hit the big leagues soon i think im one of the few that smokes and acually plays good lol .. all you gotta do is stop slowly and fight it if u wanna moderate your toking.. wow long paragraph im high talkin too much haha later man
  3. Marijuana is only mentally addicting, which can be just as powerful as physical addictions for some people. If you have the will power, you can stop. I would suggest smoking maybe once a week, and see how that goes.
  4. Why quit if you don't want to?
  5. Excatly my point
  6. Yeah weed can be quite mentally addicting.

    As far as food goes just force it down, you might end up realizing that all the munching you did probably stretched your stomach a bit and you can actually eat more. You'll never eat as much as you did when you smoked all day, which is totally normal. Remember you most likely had a totally whack diet when you were smokin that much. Just make sure ya force down a few meals a day.

    Sleeping...thats tough. If you don't have access to any sleeping pills or downers, I recommend spending the last hour or two of your night for the first week youre off weed with minimal activity, it will keep you awake and wired. Do something real mellow like listen to music and read for the last couple hours rather than watch tv or play video games, you'll be AMAZED at how much more tired you get. Reading for a while especially helps. Just keep the activity levels low in the evening to wind down before bed. Avoid food for the last hour or so before bed.

    I used to (and still often do) blaze morning to night, for some it works, for some it doesn't. I've had a manager actually tell me to smoke weed cause he says I'm way more focused on what I'm doing and I'm quicker (when making sandwiches for a swamped fast food restaurant). Personally I think you'd be fine if you just toned it down to toking a few bowls in the evening after work or something to wind down. But if you want to go cold turkey, be sure to stick to my tips about sleeping and eating.

    Hope this helps.
  7. If I wanted to quit I easily could, but I'll never want, as long as I want to keep smoking I'll be damned if someone trys to take it away from me.

    ^^ Since I'm not a professional I don't know but from what I've learned in psychology if you can't sleep because of withdraw the last thing you would want to do is take something to knock you out. If you really are quiting, which I still don't know why you would as you said it's not for good, natural sleep is the way to go for the moment at least. Something artificial may mess up you sleeping patterns more. As for eating don't think about hunger, think about the nutritions you need.
  8. Look Vicious, the OP is just saying that he doesn't want his life to revolve around getting high, although he enjoys it. I admire his choice, and I don't think undermining his decision will help him on his way to getting high in moderation.
  9. Yeah I'm sure you're right about that Vicious. I'm just one to take a pill and pass out rather than toss and turn for hours. I'll sort out my sleeping pattern when I don't have any downers :p
  10. Why post if you don't expect to hear mixed opinions? It's been one day he hasn't smoked. He says hes quiting than says hes still going to smoke in moderation. I'm saying why quit at all? We haven't heard why hes quiting or his motivation to do so. In the first post it was implied because of his parents. He obviously still wants to smoke, why fight yourself? I say do what you want and don't let others influence you, but since he publicly asked our opinions I'm going to give it.
  11. if your having fun theres nothing wrong with it. an intervention? wtf man thats bullshit. weed is not that bad for you. tell them how bad drinking is for them and they will shut up. they assume your a stoner stereotype.

    all i do is work 8-4 mon-fri and smoke weed after work all day every day. im always hanging with friends smokin weed all the time. I got the money to spend. This is every day shit and I am living life like any other person.

    why do you smoke? i smoke bc its fun and makes everythign fun bc theres nothing to do but chill and smoke. and im not like the stoner stereotype not doing anything with my life. gonna get rich.
  12. so yeah i finally ate a little something a while agoo......but now i cant sleep fuck this shit....

    i have some vodka that i could drink and knock me out but i think im just gonna try and like see how it is i guess.... i don't even know but yeah thanks for all of your guys help :)

    lol and i have a bong loaded in the garage.......must resist i guess

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