Marty Mcfly or Ferris Bueller

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  1. Which is your Fav between the two and why? I'm tornSent from my Nexus S 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Tough question. I like em both equally I think Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  3. well considering matthew broderick killed someone with his car and never apologized.... Marty Mcfly, even though Ive never seen those movies... vehicular manslaughter rubs me the wrong way.
  4. He's talking about characters, not actors. And this isn't even in the right forum.
  5. marty mcfly forever fuck ferris bueller.
  6. Equal. Thats way too tough of a choice.

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  7. Ferris bueller could get the birds even when he had no wheels.... My hero

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  8. fuck off you little prick marty would stamp on that prick ferris' head any day
  9. Marty was two foot and ferris would kick his ass but listen marty had a great sports car time machine and a 4x4 at the weekends and Elizabeth she, so chill out cheesedick😯

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  10.  this is actually a really good question them mothafuckers are basically interchangable
  11. ferris bueller was an empty high school meathead. Marty was a child genius with a heart of gold. It is mad how you can even compare the two its absolute madness. Youd be better off comparing Marty and the karate kid. Ferris is a nobody he's a lazy high school slob who will never achieve anything in life. Marty has real life experience
  12. how dare you compare the great marty mcfly with that lowlife scumbag ferris bueller. Im which way are they interchangeable? Thats like comparing Mother Theresa with Pamela Anderson
  13. Could Bueller have the gun skills Marty displayed in the seven eleven? Marty grew as a character when seamus mcfly taught him that pride isnt everything. What did Ferris learn? nothing he was empty headed before he still is. Marty loved his parents and made their lives better through hos efforts with time travel, Ferris was a selfish prick who never gave a shit about his parents. Marty taught George Mcfly to stand up for himself and be a better man. Ferris Bueller was a womanizing disease ridden slut. Marty stood by Jennifer and married her, raising two beautiful twins called Martin amd Marlene. Ferris achieved none of this. So if you love selfish, stupid, worthless people vote Ferris. If you love gallant, heroic, intelligent heroes vote Marty.
  14. I love how strongly you feel about this subject. 
  15. What? Marty mcfly
  16. Shit man. Like people are saying, Marty was a much better person. But I'm still torn between the two.
  17. cameron frye.
  18. Ferris Bueller for sure.  He has the hot girlfriend and Cameron's cool car.
  19. Honestly the hardest decision I've made in a while...but I'm going with McFly, he was a badass in 3 movies instead of just one

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  20. Jesus christ I've never thought about that lol I too am torn

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