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  1. So, I understand this isn't the music forum(s); there hasn't been any action there in 75 days apparently. A little history, for the past 7 years my best bud (pun intended) and i have been trying to put a full band together; this proved harder than finding the perfect girl lol. About 4 mouths ago we finally did it, we found two awesome people and now have a full, hard working, and dedicated band. We will be releasing an ep spring of 2013, recorded right from our rehearsal space! So the question, I need a good acoustic guitar for these recording sessions, my budget is $1600. So Gibson is out of the question... I've narrowed it down to either 1) Martin Mmv Solid Top Dreadnought Rosewood/Sitka Acoustic Guitar Natural. Or 2) Guild GAD Series F-150R Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Natural. I know there must be experienced musicians on here, hopefully they will help point me in the right direction or open my eyes to a better option. Thanks! and Happy New Year!

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    just so you guys know I'm serious here's an acoustic rough version of one of our songs.[ame][/ame] And here's the band version . C'mon gc friends!
  3. i have a guild acoustic from early 80s before fender bought them out. very nice. neck is a little clubby but it has a great tone. never played a martin.
  4. i have a guild 6 string and 12 string from 78. Guild > Martin, but Breedlove > everything :/

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