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Martial Arts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lakplayer601, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Hey GC I was wondering if anyone here does any type of Martial Arts including MMA and have you ever tried it stoned? I so Wing Chung and Choi Lee Fut and I am thinking of fighting in my upcoming competition stoned
  2. I have black belts in taekwondo and judo, and i find that sparring while high gives me increased flow and creativity (which is important to see weaknesses in the opponent, and take advantage of them) but much less awareness and reflex. If you're just competing to beat the crap out of someone, then do it, but if it's a points game (which it usually is) then don't, or at least don't smoke too much.
  3. I train Muay Thai, but i have not practiced stoned. I meditate before I train and that helps a lot. I also smoke before meditating (when I'm not training) and that helps a lot so maybe i will try training stoned.
  4. I did Tae-kwon-do. I made it to Red belt senior/black strip then i quit,

    realizing skateboarding is my true passion.

    I've never gone to class high simply because it just seems like it would be a huge buzz kill.
  5. I made it all the way to the white belt, I even learned what the experts call "The ninja chop". Never got around to blazing and chopping though.
  6. Joe Rogan seems to swear by it. He trains stoned.
  7. train mma. bjj, muay thai, judo, kickboxing. dont enjoy being BLASTED before standup class, feel kinda sluggish, but i like to be pretty high before i roll. makes me think and move better. but my ground game is a good bit better than my standup.
  8. I train in budo taijitsu, sayoc Kali, silat, C4, and many other things.
  9. im in mma, we do combat grappling and bjj, muay thai, and alot of other shit. one of the best gyms in my state and everyone there is like a family too me. i love the sport. hopefully it takes me somewhere seeing as they all think ima prodigy or some shizzzzz. oh and everyone there smokes... i mean errrrrrone. hus
  10. Haha ive just joined boxing, and got high before training, almost had an asthma attack lol muscles are still hurting after 2 days!
  11. The only thing I have ever smoked before was BJJ. Having a few hits of a nice sativa before BJJ makes me feel more creative off my back and I just overall feel more alert in my thinking.
  12. [quote name='"Uvbeenescalated"']I train in budo taijitsu, sayoc Kali, silat, C4, and many other things.[/quote]

    And yes, I go highhhhh alot. We stick fight at a really fast pace. It helps my flow

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