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  1. My first journal online.. damn you Joeblow81 >=[] time to toke!

    My DIY flood n' drain set-up
    This one is hosting 15 Blue Cheese


    ::more pics to come::
  2. Today ill be setting up 2 ebb n flo tables. Table #1 will have Grape God pheno #1 & #2 along with 1 naughty La Confidential.. indivisual pots for each incase drama goes down!

    Table #2 will have 9 Blue Cheese.

    Pics coming as soon as i get motivation to start working on the project and stop playing Modern Warfare 3..
  3. This is my method of cleaning hydroton! Many growers in forums around the net have a difficult time getting brand new hydroton. Well this is easy as pie folks! A Speghetti strainer! Takes a minute but i assure u that all ur hard work will get ur hydroton to drip nothing but fresh water!

    Dip, Drench, Drop
  4. Ok, havent started on the table yet but i will soon. Decided to keep La Confidential in soilless instead of moving to EbbnFlo table. I noticed she already has the amount of clones i need. She takes 20 days clone.. wtf.. this will be fun

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