MarsHydro11 1200 for 5 autos in 4x4 12ltr pots

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  1. It's a little low on power but would probably do you fine for a few grows. I've ran up to 770 watts of platinum led in my 4x4. Currently running 585 watts of HLG qb260's with qb304 boards. 476 of lower quality leds is on the low side but within a good range for flowers. 30-50 watts per square foot.
  2. Okay mate thanks if it will work it will be good enough for me
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  3. I thought Mars hydro was good quality, im in UK and don't know any other good brands
  4. I would say they are mid range. Their price reflects that. They're a good deal in initial purchase price. There is the really low end knock off market below them. Above them are the higher priced brands like Amare, Kind, California Lightworks, NextLight, BlackDog, Cirrus, Timber Grow Lights, HLG/Johnson and DIY cobs. - Great Selection and Support

    The newer mars cob is actually in the performance level of most of those higher end brands.
  5. Okay, Im in UK so most them lights I cant get without looking way too bang on
  6. I think the mars cobs would be one of your best choices if you wanted to consider a higher priced setup for higher performance that's available in your area. It's a really nice light. It would take 3-4 of them to fill your space.
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    If you're more on a budget I may even consider two of these over the mars 1200.
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    It's a little lower on wattage but you'll be able to space them out more. This is a newly built light that's only been out a few months. It has newer leds in it that are more efficient and more reliable drivers. Mars had reliability issues with the mars1 and marsII series. Many GC users will tell you about lights failing if you look around or ask. They fixed that since the pro series. I would rather have one of their new lights then the marsII series.
  7. Buying expensive lights initially looks like money wasted but you have to remember that they make a product that costs money. The increased harvest from a higher quality light usually pays for itself the first grow in my experience. I thought when I bought higher priced lights that it may take a while for me to pay back the investment. It really doesn't if you're a skilled grower. Good lights are worth every penny. They harvest many times a year.
  8. Okay mate, them lights you shown me there are about 50DB each so be 100 combined in same room wouldn't it? Id be arrested in minutes of having them on that's why I think that light would suit me more the Mars 11 1200 but if they're bad then I don't know what to do now, i didn't want to spend more than £350 really
  9. Them COB lights have no noise at all would they really work for 5 plants? Id have to buy like 6 of them

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