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  1. Is the mars hydro 600 w led strong enough for a grow tent 3 x 3 x 6 ? And how many plants should i grow in this tent: 2 or 3 plants ?
  2. I have the 300 watt panel for my 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 foot space, im only growing 1 plant under it, the top of the plant is nice, but the lower section is lacking light.
  3. I did great with the Mars 1600 with 4 plants in a 5x5 scrog but the outer 1/2 foot was lacking a bit. I think the 600 would handle 2 plants OK but you're almost always better off with more light than you think.
  4. So what do you suggest ? I buy a 900 w led or just a 600 and 300 ufo ?
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    No, 248w is not enough for a 3 x 3 = 9 sf / 248w = 27.555watts psf. A Mars Hydro 600w only outputs 248w, not the 278w they say it outputs. At the electrical outlet wattage does not equal the actual light output wattage. Electrical outlet wattage = light output wattage + fan(s) output wattage. Don't believe what most LED companies tell you, because so-called TRUE WATTS is still way less than they state. To understand that, take your light a part and look at the drivers, if the wattage on all the driver equals less than their stated TRUE WATTS, you know they are lying. Take for example the Mars Hydro 300w, it has (2) 60w drivers, the peak wattage is 60w for each driver, but the continuous wattage is actual 53.6w, then each led diode is resistor limited, so a Mars Hydro 300w only actuall outputs 98 TRUE WATTS, There 600w is the same way, that's why I know it only outputs 248 TRUE LIGHTING WATTS. Anyhow, 27.5 watts will never be enough to light up a 3 x 3. You will need (2) of them, to get you up to 55watts, which will then grow you some nice plants in a 3 x 3!
  6. Sounds like money is an issue, I'd probably get a 600w HID setup if I were you. There's no magic behind LED, they have their pros and cons but in my opinion they aren't worth buying unless you're going whole hog.
  7. Will the hydro 900 w will be enough ? Money is a bit of an issue .. And i surely want to keep the energy bill as low is i possibly can ..
  8. 600 hps.
    My i do 4 plants in a 3x3x6 under a 400hps. It does good but i want a 6

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  9. But a hps use lots pore energy ??
  10. More than led yea i hear that is correct. Break the bank? No chance

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  11. I hardly even notice on my bill with the 400 and 2 fans on. Just be careful with these leds. A "600" will not perform in that space pulling only 248 watts or w/e it was...
    I think there is a mars2 1200 not sure cost. Man i was looking at california light works solar storms. Crazy money i cant pull the trigger. But they look nice. Kind and advanced platinum they are all nice. But for a grand i can do other things. My hps isnt broken and makes fatty nugs

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  12. Will the mars hydro 600 perform in a 2 x 2 tent with 2 plants ?
  13. Yes

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  14. 2x2 is probably a bit plant scrog

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  15. not familiar with the light, but it is all dependent on the foot print. If it is a square light then you have a square foot print. If it is an oblong light then you have an oblong foot print. My clw 220 has a 2x2 square foot print so for me that is one plant per light. 3x3 tent doesn't mean you have to use all 3x3. If your light is oblong you may be able to plant 2 or 3 in a 2x3 foot print.

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