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  1. Hey guys, im a newbie grower. I had bought the marshydro 300 watt led panel, (132 true watts) for around 160.

    What im wondering, could I have gotten more light for my $ if i had bought 2 of the 180 watt (102 true watts)

    If you do 99.99$ x2 we will just say its a flat $200. for $200 i could have gotten 204 true watts. but i paid 160-170 for the 300 watt panel. So for an extra 30-40$$ I could have gotten 72 more true watts, but i would have 2 small lights instead of 1 bigger light.

    I only have a 2.5x2.5 ft space, so the 300 watt panel seemed right for me because it almost meets that space recommendation.

    Now the 600 watt panel has 278 true watts. Im probably gonna get more lights if my first grow is a success.

    So im just wondering what would be the better buy? would it be better if i bought 3 small lights (306 true watts) instead of 1 big (278 true watt) light, the 600 watt light is 258.99 and the 3 small lights would be $300.

    Everybodys opinions are welcomed :)

    (link to lights)
  2. More smaller lights gives you a wider footprint. So I would go that route. There are much better lights for your area for less than that though. Check out a51, they're much higher quality LED panels than the ones to are looking at. In a 2x2 you needs 150-200 watts of decent efficiency LEDs to effectively cover a 2x2.

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  3. theres only 2 lights on the site? one of them is $200 and is only 90w the other is like 600$
  4. I dont have that kind of budget
  5. You can find Mars hydro 300 watt for $70+.... Look on Amazon and eBay. I found two for $140.

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  6. I had bought my light from
  7. I see the 600 watt panel on is the same price as the 300watt panel on the only problem is. they wont ship it to canada.
  8. Aww man that's unfortunate.. That's stupid, it's the same damn continent. In that case I would go with the three smaller lights my friend. Unless you're really attached to that 40$. Reason: with individual units you can kind of move them where you want them and tilt just one as opposed to one big one. And you'll have more wattage. Just my opinion.

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  9. normally our ebay store sells cheaper for the white model, sorry for my late reply guys

  10. He's saying Amazon has decent prices but they won't ship to Canada.

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  11. Yeah that 90 watt light will cover a 2x2 for veg and ~20"x20" for flower but I bet it would stretch the 2x2 well enough. It'll cover your space Better than any of the 300 watt Mars or other Chinese panels you're liking at lol. And it'll be cheaper to run. If you're running 2-3x the wattage with most Chinese panels, these still do better and are cheaper on your monthly.

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  12. yeah I would use or, ebay they offer 2 600 watt marshydro panels for the same price i paid for the 300 on BUT I need to have an address in the USA. and i also figured with the canadian to american dollar exchange rate I would need $350 canadian and that would make $269.41 US - 1 canadian dollar = 0.77 cents american as of today. So my best bet would be to get an american address and drop 350-400$ to order the 2pcs 600 watt marshydro from and then to try to get it back to canada easily lol
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  13. Just find someone close to the border you trust, lol. Have them ship it to you after.

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  14. sorry I misread that my bad what a dumb lol we have our amazon Canada store, check out marshydro ca:) thanks for the heads up Carter:)
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  15. marshydro ca only has grow tents in the product section?
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  16. we have lights available there too, you can please check the link:
  17. there is nothing to that link? it only brings me to amazon ca
  18. Dude,
    you ever hear of Amazon?
    You can get the same panels for way cheaper on Amazon.

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