Mars vs Vipar

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  1. Aight just like it sounds... which would you prefer? Gonna get a 300 of one of em for flowering since from all the information I'm getting tells me it will be significantly better then 200 watts of cfls
  2. Id recommend mars
  3. I can speak on mars, I've got a vipar though and it's fantastic, dimmable, cheap, stays cool, quite.

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  4. None of the above..get a Meizhi!
    Less Money and built like a tank!
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  5. I'm not a very active member here, but I went with mars and was impressed.

    My last grow, first grow ever, [started because MA legalized recreational marijuana] i used 2 mars 300s for veg on photoperiod plants in a 2x4x6 tent, then when switching to flower, i put a 400watt hps in the middle, and kept the mars 300s on as side lightling. it worked very well, and my first ever pot grow far exceeded my expectations.

    This grow ive already gotten rid of the 400watt hps and am doing only led lighting with autoflowers. I am doing two plants in 5 gal homemade dwc buckets, and used the two mars 300s as veg lights, for just a few weeks, before switching to my flowering setup. I invested in two mars pro epistar 80s, and a diy cob led kit from rapidled as a centerpiece, and am doing crazy well compared to my last grow. I was using the mars epistar 80s with both switches on, but it was just too much light, and started burning my plants. Now i am using the mars epistar 80s on just the bloom (red) swich [on either side of my cob setup] and having great results with way less power than I thought i would need.

    All in all, I would highly recommend mars hydro for veg lights, and as side lighting during flower, but only because thats what i have experience with. I really like having an awesome proven centerpeice flower light (either hps or cob) and using the mars units as side lighting during flowering. It gives me so much versatility. The mars pro epistar 80s have the bloom/growth switch, and i can adjust their heights individually [very happy i went with two epistar 80s instead of one epistar 160].

    Sorry for the long post, I got stoned, wrote it all, and might as well post it.
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  6. All in all get the biggest light you can afford, mars, vipar, meihzi are in the same quality range, so aim for the biggest you can get.

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  7. Basically you wanna wide range of spectrum... I can personally account for the viparspectra as a great veg light has a ton of blue spectrum may want to add some red if you wanna flower under it.
  8. I have and use both. I run x2 450w vipar and one 600w mars. I like em both. The vipar I feel gives off a little more blue light which the plants love in veg and the Mars seems to give off a little more red light. Either way both lights have grown me some solid bud
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  9. And if you want a badass light at only 350w at the wall buy a sunsystem cmh as pure as sunlight.
  10. 20170617_192527.jpg 1 month veg time
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  11. This made me lol. Thank you for the info man.
  12. So it sounds like the mars will be the way to go for flowering then. I think I'll keep the cfls for now to veg with since I already invested a bit with them. I have to keep my grow as secret as I can so I don't wanna go all out with a huge light so I'm thinking just a 300 would be fine. I'm only going to be doing 1 maybe 2 plants at a time until my state decides to stop being gay and legalizes it. I won't have to worry about heat will I? I have a fan running 24/7 already and it stays about 78-82 consistently. Thanks for all the replys too
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    Mars hydro 300 is currently on sale in eBay for 58 bucks with shipping can't Beat it... im using two of em right now in my flower tent and all is going well and my last grow I used one light and I definitely liked it...

    Each unit pulls 135 watts so it's under 50 cents a watt and does a hell of a lot better than cfl in flower

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  14. Heat probably won't differ much but is smell an issue? The plant im growing now gets skunky as hell the last few weeks and when I didn't have proper intake/outtake with a carbon filter it was not very discreet at all.

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  15. I dunno honestly. I don't even tell my friends so when I have company over I haven't wanted anybody to go downstairs lol cause it's starting to smell but I just got a cover for the bottom of my door to the room it's in to cover up the light and hopefully contain the smell into that one room. Hopefully it stays airtight you kno but besides that I don't kno if I have to worry about the smell traveling outside or anything if the windows are shut. Will the smell be strong enough to make its way outside? I'll get a carbon filter if I have to I don't think it would be very out of the way. Are they expensive?
  16. My place was sealed and I smelled my one plant outside... so at the very least if someone came over someone would notice it late flower. And honestly it depends on the price point. On a budget I'd go for a small 4" ipower filter/fan combo or something along the lines just see if you can't find something used maybe on eBay or something. However I mean it's not necessarily the same for every plant but You never know.

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