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  1. I'm not sure how hip you guys are to the indie underground but the Mars Volta recently released their first LP "De-Loused in the Comatarium." (Though I guess they're technically not indie because they're on Capital Records, but I digress)

    Listen to this shit while you're tripping on shrooms. I'm serious, this will fry your balls off. Listening to this album while I'm high on weed is fucking awesome, too, because it's so energetic, but I think this record was specifically designed to listen to while on shrooms.

    Anyway, just a little tidbit for you guys to check out. In case anyone cares to know a bit of what they sound like, Mars Volta is made up of ex-members of At the Drive In. They sound more like neo-prog, but fuck it. Just listen to it for yourself. You can stream the whole album from Rolling Stone's site:

    Peace and love, bros and gal-pals!
  2. check out the music forum, that would be the best place to look....
  3. that band is so fucking rad, it's unbelievable. so musically inclined. the concept album is just awesom.. i like older atdi, and sparta, and some other indie, joan of arc, etc.. ehh, what else are you into.. in the 'indie underground'?
  4. WOAH! way to build up a band and get me interested. shit man... indi / neo prog thats designed to me listened to while on shrooms!? i gotta chack that shit out!
  5. I absolutley LOVE The Mars Volta.

    Best CD of 2003, unless Sigur Ros puts out another one.

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