Mars rover landing in high def video!

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    Edited 8/21 - this is a work in progress - images are slowly coming to Earth. Keep checking back. Subscribe if you don't want to post but want updates, because I WILL post the video when it's complete. Don't you worry. And if you love Mars like some of us do, then here's my other thread with panoramas I made and cool imagery:

    I downloaded 934 out of 1579 high resolution images from the NASA site and sequenced them and exported into an HD video format. Images were taken at 4 frames per second.

    Here, we see the heat shield come off, the rover falling, then the thrusters ignite. After that, it lands of course. Then you can see about 2 seconds of just the rocks and the dust settling. First video, let alone HD video from another planet! :hello:

    Watching in HD 1080 and full screen is a MUST. And this one has audio! I knew my audio skills would come in handy!



    :D That's it! As imaged from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

    Now watch this and pay attention to the CGI-telemetry program on the right. At about 4:06 into this video is when the video (in the OP) starts (at heat-shield separation).


    And there are still over 600 more images missing from the sequence. It's supposed to be about 2 minutes long (about 8 minutes in real time because the images were snapped at 15 second intervals).

    And here's the latest GigaPan panorama from SOL 3 in high resolution color. There's a lot of interesting looking shit around.

    Just missing 1 image (the white block). NASA still hasn't released a panorama this complete yet. I wonder why us nobodies have to manually download each image and stitch them. Anyways...

    GigaPan: Mars SOL 3 from Curiosity.


    Please "like" - to show interest and that others should be interested too. :)

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  2. How can anyone not want to see this? :confused:
  3. [quote name='"iMPREPREX"']How can anyone not want to see this? :confused:[/quote]

    Chill dude. We appreciate your effort but this forum isn't very active unless your debating evolution
  4. I liked it dude. When is the full sequence going to be up?
  5. I thought it was pretty cool man. If this goes viral I can say I sort of know the guy that made it, or atleast that I have talked to him once or twice :smoke:
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    It ain't going viral. :) Other people do this too - who are probably better than me. I'm a newb with video/images. Recording and playing music is my forte.

    Whenever the new images pop up on the site. They are dribbling in.
  7. Where are the transformers?
  8. They're there. Over the crater.
  9. What is this devilry?

    Seriously though, not bad for a bunch of apes.
  10. That is great, thanks for posting it. :)
  11. You're welcome. :)

    Oh, man. So much work going into this. But I love it. We are at the precipice of discovering new shit with this Rover. And I can't believe I'm seeing a video in HD from another planet. I've waited my whole life to see something like that. Images are cool, but video? And I compiled it myself, so there's some satisfaction and pride from all the hard work. I think NASA themselves are waiting for the all of the images until they release theirs.

    But thanks for enjoying. Will try to beat NASA to it if they drag their feet.
  12. i tried to +rep you but i had to go for a like instead because ive given you too much recently lol.

    cant wait to see the video completely finished.
  13. Also - I matched some landmarks from Google Mars (Satellite imagery) to a frame from the video I posted of the landing. Pretty fucking cool.




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    Added yet more frames - fixed A LOT of the jerkiness. I edited the OP. Sorry if these posts are getting annoying, but it's history in the making!

    669/1200+ frames now. Almost there. And like I said - most of the images missing are AFTER it lands, so we have a lot here.

    [ame=]Mars Descent Imager filming the Curiosity rover landing - Must watch in HD fullscreen - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Wow this really is unbelievable man. I'm just as surprised as you that barely anyone on here has checked this out.

    Luckily I found it in the "current threads" area because this was mind blowing to watch high as hell :smoke:

    Keep all the updates coming, trust me this thread will be getting a lot of views soon. Can't wait for the updated vid :hello:
  16. it looks like the terrain they are working with is nice. when are they gonna start driving it?

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