mars led lights?

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  1. I was looking for someone named Sara to help me out
  2. She goes by the name "smokesarah" or something along that line on here. If you do into the lighting threads on the forum page, you'll find a thread that she handles dealing with the Mars Hydro lighting line. A lot of folks use those lights because they are cheaper than anything we can get that will half do the job. But beware...these lights are made in China with the cheapest labor and components and I've seen tons of posts where people weren't happy with them or they didn't work after floating across the ocean to get here. If you want a real LED, do the research and make the investment into a quality made light. You can buy once and get something worth having, or spend the money over and over on cheaper versions of equipment. I learned that lesson fast when I first started out several years ago. Don't skimp on your lighting. It is THE most important component in your grow setup and everything about the harvest you get in the end depends on it. I don't know how much experience you have with LEDs, but know that most shine straight down and provide no reflection and you end up with less coverage per sq. foot because of it. They are wonderful lighting and grow great buds, but you just can't grow as many plants under one of them as you can the hps type lights/reflectors. If I was only growing one or two plants, I would go with a 1200 watt KIND because I know they are a decent quality product and I've seen what they produce. They do cost a chunk of change, but I don't mind spending money on something that will help me make back my investment sooner. And I was just going to let you know that I seriously doubt your post will be deleted. Thousands and thousands of posts get logged on this forum daily and we have a staff who manages this site of quite a few less than that. So don't be surprised if it stays there. But it's no big deal. TWW
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