Mars-Hydro SP3000 grow?

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  1. Mars-Hydro sent me an invitation to be a tester of their new SP3000 LED. I am planning on cloning all 7 strains I currently have in my tent then vegging the clones for 2 weeks and then flowering after that. I want to see how the light compares to my current lights as far as vegging and flowering goes and plan on doing setting up a second 3x. I have the following strains-Symbiotic Genetics Mimosa, Twenty 20 Mendo Cookie, umbras Triple Grape, BOG Sweet Cindy, Greenhouse Seeds Church, Soma Lavender and a Golden Lemon plant(I forget the breeder but will follow up with that info). The Mimosa and Mendo Cookie are going to be my ‘control’ plants as I have flowered those out several times. The other strains will be a new adventure. Here are the mother’s...

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  2. good luck.
  3. lol. right?
  4. I wouldn't even take it to grow my plants if they offered it free.
  5. If it isn’t free then I am not testing it

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