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Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by SlutFaceKillah, Jan 1, 2017.

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  2. I own a couple of mars 1200's and I'm a gh user too .. i use my lights in veg ...very interested in how they do for you in flower ... pulling up a seat

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  3. That's a big light for a 3x3, I bet it gets you good numbers. Subbed

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  5. Absolutely right, this was intended. From the start I knew the LED hype was a bit over stated so I made sure to go for something that has a 4x4 coverage description for deep penetration in a 3x3.
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  6. Do you own the Mars II 1200 or the old plastic reflector one? If you have the Mars II can I ask how long you have ran them and any issues with the diodes yet?
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  7. I have two mars ll 1200's ..... got them used 6 months ago. The previous owner had them for a while for at least a couple grows i have been running them every day for 6+ months in veg with no problems

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  8. I have a Mars ll 1600 in a 4x4 it say it could be used for a 5x5 which is doubtful! It takes care of a 4x4 pretty well without heat issues. and gets pretty good light penetration. I have mine 16 inches from the canopy doing ScrOG. I'm in day 45 of flower so far so good keeping an even canopy.
    Good Luck

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  9. Did you ever use the 1600 during the first few weeks? Still debating if I wanna put the seedlings under the LED now or give them a few more days.
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  10. Good start, my colleague told me that you sent the link to her, and she posted your link our website, you can check that.
  11. If any problem, feel free to pm me.:)
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  12. Hi Robbie,
    The coverage of Mars II 1600 is 4.2'x4.2' not 5'x5'.
  13. Hi SFK
    If you think there is too much light for seed that using the Mars II 1200, you can use other light to start your seeds, it's OK, it will not affect you join our Mars Hydro Cup.
  14. +1 on the support
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  15. Thank you:biggrin:
  16. Slutfacekilla, best name ever!! Super detailed and well thought out journal,

    Found ya scrolling through the links for the comp on the mars page, glad I did, thinking bout joining in on the comp but may just end up sitting this one out,
    Gonna sub up, best of luck

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  17. Exactly why I love grasscity, we all know why I cant remember anything so this is a perfect daily reference for myself.

    Donno if your still thinking about buying mars or already have but I will say one thing, they have exceeded my expectations and I will be a long fan to come.
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  18. Ha! yep, got a 320 pro, a marsII 400, an old 3 fan mars 300 and in the market for more

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    Week One
    20170101_084040.jpg 20170101_084035.jpg
    Seedlings are stretching and growing nicely so I switched to the mars, exited to see how much they grow under the LED. On day one after replacing the light it only took an hour for the temp to reach 80-85°F so I have added an LG AC, this is only temporary until I receive the vortex fan in the mail.
    20170101_084047.jpg 20170101_142403.jpg
    On day two of this week only a few days after the Jiffy pellets were transfered into the party cups, I see roots already peaking out the side slits of the cups all the way to the bottom, can't believe how fast the roots are establishing.
    Temp avg 65-75°F
    Finally got the vortex in the mail, replacing the AC tonight.
    Humidity avg 55-60%

    Day One: All red party cups still have quite a bit of weight from last feeding, next feeding will include nutz pending until soil drys out.

    Day Two: Nutz still have not arrived but there should be enough in the soil to last another round, soil was light so I watered all plants with 6.2pH purified water with a 20% runoff.

    Day Five: Used a gallon bucket with 1/4 - 1/8th nutz as shown on week 1 feeding schedule above. Watered each cup with 20% runoff off. Starting to see a bit of a calcium deficiency so I moved from purified water to tap water pH at 6.8, a bit higher then last feeding to help get more of that calcium.

    Day One: Seedling were stretching hard for the fluor so I have replaced it with the 1200 at 30 inches off the canopies on 18/6 cycle.

    Day Three: After taking some advice I lowered the 1200 to 18 Inches off the canopies since no issues seen with heat.
    20170104_181016.jpg 20170104_180820.jpg 20170105_184237.jpg 20170105_184255.jpg

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  20. Hi Boom, did you send the link to us?

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