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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Family

Discussion in 'Grasscity Advertisers' started by smokesara, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Have a look at the vault i believe you can still use loki10 for 10% off.

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  2. Plants do have stress response its amazing what plants can do, thats my guess although without the ability to test in a lab its imposible to tell, a plant usually will gain an "infection" or disease from being near to a diseased plant or say from an open cut and coming into contact with a pathogen. In a grow tent aslong as everything is filtered in and out like mine is and the grow room is kept clean its rare to see any disease unless you are using crappy soil already loaded with it or pests that can carry it.

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  3. My bud is 10 times better than whats on the street in my area plus i know exactly whats gone into it, hermies suck but make sure you learn from your mistake if they was bagseed then its not a unusual thing to be honest, maybe start a journal and let people know your setup and regime maybe see where you could of slipped up. But dont let it put you off i know how it feels it sucks big time but put it down to experience gained.

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  4. I’m banking on genetics I feel like I’ve been to careful but only my next grow will tell, I may be back here with the same story in 4 months. Thanks for the seed website gunna check it out now.
  5. Just watched a video on born hermie/ stressed hermie. It explained how bananas grow and where they grow. Although it was on youtube it made sense. He claimed a stressed hermie will form pollen sacks on the buds a borne hermie will form pollen sacks close to stems. All the pollen sacks I found were tiny, and just forming close to the stem so I’m thinkin born hermie.
  6. Live and learn next grow chop at the site of any male signs. Like I said if you can't afford 15-25$ seeds the 4-10$ range works just fine look for beginner strains is what I'd recommend... A lot of royal queen seeds are great for beginners like the special queen or special kush they sell for cheap. The vault is a good one to choose as well I do like the vaults stealth shipping much more than TSSC but I do feel TSSC gave me a better deal and if I wasn't where I was I'd probably just choose free shipping and use that 15$ to buy a few more beans lol... Not that I recommend that it just depends on the person and their idea of risk versus reward. I will say if you are wanting the beans in breeder packs go with the vault because at the best TSSC will just include a small piece of the breeder pack if requested for the singles.
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  7. sorry to hear that,but are not gonna keep the seeds?
  8. No I was so upset I threw it out and don’t want it in my box with my other plant. If it pollinated my other plant I’ll kick myself down the road but shit what’s one more thing.
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  9. i heard that cannabis will smells nice fruit smelling,mongo,strawberry....will any of them smells like flower? i mena the floral:weed:
  10. Yeah that's what I'm really hoping doesn't happen for you or you may have been best off just leaving the plant. But who knows hopefully the other girl didn't get pollinated and if she did you could always germinate some of the seeds for shits and giggles and just watch them closely for male parts. Don't want no Bruce/Caitlyn action going on next grow.
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  11. I mean that's what they are flowers so they smell like flowers... There are other plants on this earth that smell similar to cannabis there are even other plants that grow trichomes cannabis isn't very unique it's just so widely cultivated compared to others as well as all of the cross breeding for different smells.
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  12. hope the others are fine:passing-joint:
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  13. there is still chance that other plants didn't get affected.
  14. if the plants with seeds,will it smoke different from the girls?
  15. i once heard that the cannabis seeds can make oil and cook....have you tired?
  16. the male plants are too strong...also need to clean everything in that growing space before start a new run,right?:passing-joint:
  17. there is also hope that they may show pistils......
  18. so maybe it's better to seperate each plants before they gonna show gender and after they show pistils then move them together? Can do like this? the second pics looks really tasty...sugars,wanna try
  19. you may sepetrate them first,and harvest some seeds,later you can grow them all.....that's also not too bad at the end,will get some pay back
  20. Hate to tell you this, but you must pollinate a female plant with male pollen, to get seeds..
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