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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Family

Discussion in 'Grasscity Advertisers' started by smokesara, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. week 4 growing with Mars II 1200

  2. I have the Mars II 900 6 Par 38s I wrote your review for the 38s fixing to update with photo if can
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  3. yeah,i remeber that...i just can't believe how beatiful plants you got there...:weed:
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  4. THX
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  5. my pleasure, don't forget to share with me what it taste like.:weed: may taste like fruit?:love-m3j:
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  6. Brickweed goddess [​IMG]

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  7. she may need hold to support her when she in flowering:Love-Plant:
  8. So for this grow tent, we gonna cancel the side door and the tool,any more opinions? should we keep all the Mesh pre-filter ventilation window at the bottom? or we can cancel one or two?:passing-joint:
  9. :love-mj:great news: our new shipment arrived at our EU warehouse,we have enough goods in stock at all of our international warehouse now!!! (except the Reflector96 in UK):weed:
  10. Mars COB 100W growing report: plants in flowering,got beautiful buds.:weed: Welcome to share your pictures with us here:ladiegaga:
    upload_2017-12-7_14-0-58.png upload_2017-12-7_14-1-19.png
  11. Wanna harvest big buds? more lights, haha...Reflector144 growing room...full of Reflector144 and full of buds...:love-m3j::ladiegaga:
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  12. Looks not bad, how many days old?
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  13. Does the reflector 144 better than epistar light?
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  14. around two month old, they doing great:love-m3j:
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  15. Do you mean the Mars Pro II Epistar series lights? The Mars Pro II Epistar is better than Reflector144, it with upgraded chips and driver, with better built-up.:passing-joint:
  16. Christmas is coming, will you guys go on trip? or will stay with family ?:dance2:
  17. Don't know much about the COB. but it looks good
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  18. I'm not sure, I just see the plants seems grow awesome under your reflector light.
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  19. #28259 Dabber68, Dec 8, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
    20171207_083648.jpg @smokesara Here's pic with just the Par 38s and CFLs
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  20. IMO I think the more vents and access points the better. Some may work more for others but it all depends on their situation/setup and can be more versatile this way. I honestly think the tool bag is kind of pointless. Just in my opinion anyway.

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