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Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Family

Discussion in 'Grasscity Advertisers' started by smokesara, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. You can say "upgraded" all you'd like, but all I see is "$1 per watt EPISTAR"..
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  2. You don't consider budget when making recommendations? I do.
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  3. I know if i tell you we upgraded it,you may not believe,and you didn't try this light.so you can try the Mars Pro II series lights or you can consult with those growers who used this series light.Their growing results is the best provement.
    This series,we install without lens,Epistar company help us to install the chips in a better way.:passtheshit:
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    Humm...first i will recommend lights according to growers growing space,and then will consider about what kind of growing results they want to get.Sure i will also consider the budget they wnat to spend.
    For the Mars 300 is cheap,but,as it install with lens and glass cover,the heat can not dissipate out of the light efficiently.Many growers also used this Mars 300,most of them got great results,but if you ask them to compare the growing results and the invenstment,the Mars Pro II series will be a better choice.
    1 Mars Pro II series light with better built-up,with better light intensity and penetrate deeper.Also this light with UV and IR.So it will give you the best light mixing and no light reduce,plants will get enough power to grow better.This is very important for a grow light.
    2 Mars Pro II seriesf will be easier to repair,if any diodes went out,no need to send to repair service or soldering,just need to change the small group of the PCB board,a screw driver will be all the tools you need.
    But for the Mars 300,you need to replace the diodes and the zender one by one,and if you are not good at it,you have to send to our international warehouse.Meanwhile,you need about 2 weeks for delivering the light to/from the repair service.
    3 As we are manufacturer,we are big customer for our material supplier,so we can always get great price for good quality material for our products.So we can provide the most competitive price for the same quality of other brand LED grow light.
    4 We sell products directly to our customer,and we have our international warehouse,so our customer do not need to wait for a long time for the delivery,no need to pay more sersvice charge.
    So when we recommend lights,we will consider most of the factors for our growers,we want them know better before them invest,and hope they get the great deal for their own growing.:weed:
  5. I'd try, not buy ;)
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  6. Yeah,you should really try this light.after you try it,you will know why i recommend it,and why more and more growers like it.They proved it.
  7. No sorry Sara I was looking for 2 of either light my space is 25 inch by 38 inch

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  8. Come on pistils how many companies do you know who dont try and sell the higher priced light/item? The epistar is a decent light i use the 320 and love it, sara is only suggesting it, at the end of the day its the buyer who makes the final decision.

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  9. id go for the pro reason is when i started i had enough space for a 150wcfl this soon wnt to hps then led if hes like most ive seen he will upgrade after or during the grow so many ppl do it im unsure but is the pro dimmable/ switch able and also 1 thing id take in to account to total height if he aint got loads a mars 2 or reflector maybe better as you get litrally grow into them but the pro series minimum 8inches away id sugest

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  10. Thanks Loki I value your opinion as have learned alot from your posts. The reason I asked about the mars II 400 and the mars 96 reflector is that is where my budget is as of now being in Canada I can get 2 of either for just over $400. Thanks for helping still pretty new with only 1 harvest under my belt and 3 weeks into flower on my 2nd grow flowering with a mars II 900 and going very well.

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  11. The II 400's are great lights i got one going for must be nearly 4 or 5 years now

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    my mistake...i thought it's 28"x38"...i'd like to recommend you 2pcs Mars Pro II Epistar120.But if you want to choose from Mars II 400 or the Reflector96,i'd recommend you go with the 2 Mars II 400:weed:
    You can use the coupon code:marshydro,with this code you can get 3% off from our official website,and if you need anything about our products,you can always find me here.
  13. :gc_rocks:you are right,we just recommend the light which we think it's good for our customer,but customer will decide which one they should take at last.Our recommendation is just for reference.
    Beside,everyone got different opinions,we think this one is good,but only our growers know their growing the best.:passtheshit:
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  14. :weed:Thanks for your help.
    The Mars Pro II series light is powerful lights,as it install without glass cover and lens,use reflective cup,so this light with better light intensity and lower light reduce,so the lights which emitted from the diodes will 100% goes to the plants.
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  15. all of you guys here are my good teacher,everyday i can learn much things about growing and also other things,haha.Thanks to all of you guys.
    Yes,the Mars II series are with us over 7 years now,many growers love it still.:weed:
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  16. 4-5 years,that's great.I'm proud of it.haha
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  17. Advantage of transplant your plants
    1 Transplant will actuate the growth of the plants

    Usually growers will start the plants in a relatively container,they will grow faster than you start with a big/final container.This is because their root system can get the right mixture of air and water.

    So when the plants grow up,you need to transplant them into a relatively bigger container,to ensure their roots have enough of space to expand,otherwise,they will form a “wall” around the container.

    2 Transplant will help to prevent root-bound

    If you start a plants in a big/final container,and they grow in their too long,their roots may become “root-bound”.After that the root system can not get enough oxygen,nutrients,also can not absorb the water well,and the root will be mess up together.Then the plants will stop growing or start to have problems.

    So it’s better that we start a plants in a relatively container,and transplant the plants after they grow up.

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  18. Actually it's not always best to start in a small pot. Most people prefer planting autos in their final pot right away to eliminate the stress of transplanting. There are also fabric pots that prevent root bound plants. :thumbsup:
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  19. Great bit of info for a beginner sara.

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  20. :love-mj:yeah,i knew that some growers will start the plants in the final pot,but other growers would like to start with a relatively size pot.
    Transplant in a right,will help to stimulate plants growing,if not right,then will give stress to the plants.
    So it's like coin,has two sides.:love-mj2:
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