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  1. Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow Light -
    I know these aren’t the best, but 2 are available local on eBay very cheap.

    Would they be ok for a small vegging tent, for preparing clones to SOG? Or am I wasting time and money?

  2. These are older tech lights that still use fans and outdated LED diodes. How cheap are we talking here, and are they new or used?
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    I decided against it. They’re really bad.

    They were new and cheap.
  4. It's at times like this that I suggest thinking of the value of what your end product will be for you, is investing in a better light to get a better end product worth it to you or not?

    If you are OK with some basic DIY you can build your own kick-ass light for about $1 per watt using quantum boards. It's actually very simple and many blades on these forums (including myself) build our own lights. If you have questions on how, we can help.
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  5. I don’t know how “still valuable I think” ended up at the end of that post?

    Either auto correct or I was baked.

    He wanted £50 for a pair which told me all in need to know.

    I admit I’m a bud snob. I’d never smoke anything grew under those, and I agree quantum boards are the best value option. Even if bars are trendy at the moment.

    I was going to buy the mars lights for a friend. He’s got a small veg tent with a cfl in it. He wants to try LED but can’t really afford it at the moment. He fallen on hard times, so wants to grow his own.

    I’m not buying him quantum boards though, and i think his cfl is better than those mars lights.

    I appreciate your kind offer. I want to learn more about quantum boards and I like the idea of building a diy set up.
    You’re advice is appreciated.
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