Mars hydro 48 fake?

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  1. hello guys, im recently star growing using cfl 125w, but i have buyed a mars hydro 48 reflector, but i saw in a forum that some people sell fakes mars hydro and i dont know if mine is fake or not, i buy from because im from portugal , and mars hydro dont send to portugal so can some one tell me if its fake or original?
    I have opened it to see whats inside, so if some one can help me thanks in advance.

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  2. First off, I ain't no pro in telling a real mars hydro from a fake. I actually owned 2 of the Mars Hydro Reflector 480. They have given me some pretty decent yields. May they rest in peace lol. Back to your case.
    I don't know if Mars Hydro changed the font style on their name/logo, but the name/logo on yours seems a bit different than from the ones I had and from the ones I see online. I provided a pic below of how the original logo/name looks from the old models, so you can compare it to yours and see what I mean. If you notice, the font style of the name are different and yours seems to be missing the little green leaf between the words Mars and Hydro. I don't know if that means anything. I guess the true test will come when you start growing with them. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of this will chime in. Good luck. :thumbsup:
  3. I have the 720 reflector and the sticker is like this 1560276054686.jpg
  4. Looks like a knock off. That copy logo looks like what they run on their tents. The mars tents and lights have different logos.
  5. God damn i dont know why they sell fake itens and mars hydro is already cheap, what should i do now? Damn
  6. I would just email Mars hydro with a picture and say you are trying to verify if it's a real one
    Don't send the pic of it opened up just in case lol.. but really they should be able to let you know if they ran that logo at any time
  7. Ok i will try doing that now, tell u later what they sayed
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  8. Dont ever buy anything from . Ledgrowshop stole my money, didnt deliver the product and wont return my money so now I am going through a long process with EU authorities to get my 700 Euro back....
  9. This is why I stick to the old school HPS. No going wrong with those lights.....
  10. Get an HPS homie, use the knock off for clones and babies.
  11. I'm sure @marshydro will be around shortly.

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  12. FYI if someone look for good lights I got some good HLG quantum boards 130w but dimmable from todogrowled yesterday (they are based in spain).

    But if you go to Mars Hydro Shipping Policy - Mars Hydro its says they ship from EU warehouse to Portugal, are you sure they dont ship to you?

    Ledgrowshop is rated "Average" with 2.8 / 5 on Trustpilot Here is reviews of ledgrowshop, not very impressive hehe..

    I would recommend GrowLED | Leader of Horticultural LED Lamps | Panels, Bulb - GrowLED everyday over ledgrowshop scam as well.

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