Mars Hydro 300W Indoor Grow. Cookies Kush, Blue Steel, Tangie.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudKindley, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I have been doing a Youtube grow journal for the past 6 months and was hoping to get some feedback and help new growers start out. I have a 4x6x5 tent with 2 Mars Hydro 300w LEDs, a 100W fluorescent, carbon filter, and exhaust fan.

    I just switched over to flower the other night and have been using a general hydroponic 3 part nutrient cycle. Things are looking pretty good, but would like to see everyone else's thoughts.

    Here is the link below to my channel. If you wouldn't mind shooting me a like/sub i'd appreciate it.

    Bud Kindley

    Thank you!
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  2. is this . barneys farms cookie kush ? if so just throw it out . the genetics is total bull shit . it will look good but will end up fluffy when its totally dry it will smell good but the end results will be a 1/10 very weak . one of the worst ive ever seen . hope i am wrong with yours . but what im talking about was from a fresh bean and was 20 . was worthless . ok dont use the cfl buy 1 more 300 led it will give you a lot more yield so you have about 400 watts of power real life power so can do 4 small plants under them perfect sorry to inform you of the shitty news on cookie kush . they were from herbies head shop .beans but they were sending out some shitty beans at the end when they stopped accepting credit cards this is likely issue . they just sent what ever they had laying on the floor or beans from a plant that herm who knows . it was grow under 1000 watt hps with heavy co2 and temps were 75 steady f every thing was perfect .
  3. It is Barney Farms cookies Kush. My buddy has grown several cookies plants and said although it wasn't the biggest producer, it was really good product.. I am in the process of buying a 720w mars LED with the bloom setting. Hopefully that will give me a better result.

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