Mars hydro 1600 led in diy made grow room, Current adventure 3 fem mix seeds incl previous grows.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    First time hydro grower one time failed outdoor grower (died during heatwave), this is my first post on this forum (or any other MJ forum) as I am pretty paranoid about being tracked in some way yet i feel that is stupid as people probably have farms on here haha.

    I have ran into a bit of trouble I have done alot research but failed to see the seeds in a cup of water for 24 hour technique for germination. What I did was put 5 seeds in a moist cotten bud for about 3-4 days in my pantry with foil over them (with some small holes) as this is pretty much what I did last time when I grew outdoor.
    The problem was after 4 days I could only see one tiny root out of the 5 seeds I then had the rockwool that was delivered that i previously ordered about 4 days in and not the ph test kit with a meter (this includes PH down and up) I had done alot of research and have read alot of tutorials and I knew I needed the cubes at atleast PH 5.5 to 6.0 ( I have since learned should be as close as possible to 5.5) so I went searching the city (as I live in city CBD) for plant stores which there is none and i dont have a car. I then went and looked for the next best thing a pet supply store and managed to pick up a aqua test kit (problem was only meassures down to 6.0) for cheap as I had an expensive one already on the way.
    I then went home and used the kit to bring down the water to PH6.00 or maybe less but there was no way to test it and left the water about 3 hours (tap water) I then let the cubes sit in them for about 2 hours and then let the cubes sit for about 20 minutes and then I have put the seeds in.

    That was friday night it is now monday night and I see no sign of growth, for those first few days i put the seeds in I was overloaded with different ways on how to do this online. The cubes are pretty big so most humidity domes you can buy wont fit them so I bought 3 plastic tubs to sit over the cubes and have left them in the pantry i then found this was useless unless you already had a heat mat or the correct light for heat (which are both currently in the mail) and I also read that higher temp and a humidity dome cause more males to bred then not and that it can also cause fungus to grow so I removed the domes after 1 day I have been putting about half a shot glass of PH corrected water twice a day as they are feeling a little dryer but still no growth can anyone help me with this or at least let me know if I am doing the wrong thing?

    I would appreciate any other tips or advice anyone else has regarding the whole process, below is what I have built and ordered so far.

    My old man who is an electrician has been helping me build my stealth closet.
    Stealth closet area
    1 closet not sure of exact measurements but it is fairly good sized, we have filled it with silver foam for insulation and reflection (unsure of exact name)
    2 150 watt LED grow lights which has been delivered, still need to get something to plug them into which my dad should know about.
    1 PL2x55w T5 grow light (Still to be delivered, I ordered this for cloning and read that I should be using these during germination for heating)
    4 silent computer fans, 3 outtake at top of closet and 1 intake at bottom already installed we just need to work out connecting them to a power box and thermostat
    1 heating Mat (still to be delivered)

    Growing Medium/ Nutes
    1 dutch master gold grow 1 dutch master gold flower (Still to be delivered)
    12 100x100 mm rockwool cubes (already in use)
    1 bag of hydroton with plant plugs which are much too small (already delivered)
    PH up/down test kit

    DWC Area
    1 50 litre plastic storage container (already bought)
    1 silent air pump 2 valves (to be delivered)
    1 drainage valve

    5 LSD Auto seeds ( current seeds in rockwool)
    10 THC snow seeds (in reserve)

    So that is my current set up, as I said above I would appreciate hints,tips or any straight out advice as I am a first time hydro guy and as you can tell from what I have wrote above I have did my research but have been overloaded with different techniques and would just like to know if I am going in the right direction.

    Thanks guys
  2. I germinate seeds in "moist" paper towels on a plate, covered by a second plate and placed in a cupboard over the fridge. They need moisture, warmth and dark to germinate. If the seeds are viable they usually sprout in a day or two, up to maybe a week or so at the outside. I have had almost 100% success with this method.

    I'm guessing you may have had too much water in the cotton things you used and the same with the rockwool. The seeds will get waterlogged and not germinate if conditions are too wet

    I have used rockwool cubes in the past and they work fine but I use 1.5" cubes and always lightly shake out the excess water after pre soaking them in 5.5 water and flushing that out with 5.8 solution with very light nutes added.
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  3. I put seeds In rock wool and keep damp until they pop, If I have bag seed and don't know if they're gonna pop I'll use paper towel method but why expose that delicate taproot? Better to just plant in a place to sprout instead of risking breaking g taproot early...

    Also the more you fuck with it the more you fuck it up, it's a plant it's grown in nature for thousands of years let it be if you're in doubt, lots of new growers fuck their own plants up by over feeding and doin too much to the plant, bottom line is it's a plant they grow left alone, you just gotta learn to gently manipulate to get better yields

    nonfiction's multi-strain grow
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  4. Rockwool isn't my favorite medium to germinate seeds in. Tried it in the beginning and only ever ended up with root rot. I think you are suffering from information overload. It's easy to do that on here with all the different ideas and opinions and responses you get. Truth is, you should've never even started trying to grow until you had all the necessary equipment on hand...especially doing a hydro grow. Since hydro lives and dies by the pH levels of your reservoir, trying to start one without a way to measure and adjust it is pretty much just wasted time. A soil grow is typically much easier on the new grower and allows you to learn the plant and how to deal with it's issues before it gets too complicated by the reservoir and all the other adjustments you have to make. You'll have to learn to disseminate between all the different ideas on here and learn who to listen to and who to disregard. Good luck! TWW
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  5. Thanks for the responses guys, I have actually had 2 sprout so far today I am pretty confident about the other 3 i feel like I may have been getting over anxious haha.

    Next time I will be definitely be using a rapid rooter to germinate rather then rockwool and in regards to putting them above the fridge these cube are way too big. I bought them because they said hydro starter cubes and didnt take notice of the size.
    I am kinda going by trial and error at the moment I feel my second grow will funtion so much easier then the first one especially when you are reading other peoples timeline online haha... so yeah pretty much info overload.

    Next once the leafs come out do I use my nutes then and only a 4th of whats stated on the packet? if you guys could share info on what to expect next or some common problem new growers get in the vegetative stage, I would greatly appreciate that!
    And thanks again for the info so far guys even if there is a few hicks up this time around that advice will deffs help next time.
  6. No nutes for at least three weeks or the third set of real leaves pop....and even then go real light to begin with. I start with about 200 ppm for early veg.
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  7. grodan is great you can water 50 times a day as long as you dont keep cube in water it you wont drown or over water, or root rot, ive never heard of that lol must have had the cube in water or maybe bacteria growing on a damp cube? ive planted dozens of seeds and never had a problem, ive done it with little nutes, and none for weeks, both work fine, hell stick the cube in tap water for 25 secs and then plant a seed and itll pop its the easiest way ever lol plus damn near impossible to over water which new growers may do with peat moss pellets and shit like that, same for dry ness, when theres no weight dunk in a cup of water again then place back on a plate
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  8. I only germinate in rockwool, first I soak in pH 6.0 for a day, don't squeeze them, I also soak my hydroton in ph.6.0 for a few days, rinse with ph water. Near perfect germination rate and the seed only gets handled once.

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  9. I use a small growdan cube soaked in 5.8 ph pure RO water shake it out a couple times so it creates air pockets in the cube. I then put them in a shallow plastic tray with a lid to keep the humidity high, then I place the tray on top of an old VCR and turn the power on to the VCR, it causes just enough warmth for the seeds to pop fast 2-3 days. In 11 grows Ive only had 1 seed fail. Good luck
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  10. Hey guys
    Thanks for the further input I will definitely will look at all this again when I germinate more seeds.

    I just thought I would give everyone an update, I ended having 2 of the 5 LSD seeds germinate and are growing well I ended up germinating one of the thc snow strains seeds I have and it has sprouted but it is tiny.

    I ended up taking it out of my grow area to look at it closer and it had fallen on its side with the head opened but it had no roots only a tiny tap root i moved back into the cube with tweezers and covered up the taproot by moving some of the rock wool on top.
    Does anyone know what causes this and more importantly if my little sprout will pull through?

    Also after I had done this I have taken it out of the humidity dome and have place it under directly under my two T5's with other seedlings is this correct or should I let grow more under the dome?

    My two 90watt led light were duds and have got my money back now and have ordered a sunspect 400 watt full spectrum led grow light. This time I did my home work instead of getting messed around for a week for a refund for dudd Chinese lights, I plan to use my t5 which can be split and putting them on my walls to supplement my grow lights. I am also planning to build a whole new grow room for flowering as I saw the LSD strain is massive and one guy managed to yield 18 bags off one in 1 grow.
    I have some photos below with my setup and progress i might aswell turn this into a grow journal.
    I feel I am doing pretty well with 3 of 6 seeds germinated and this being my 1st hydro grow and my only outdoor was unsuccessful, I am planning of setting up my dwc in the next week when I get my led and will really let them grow hard.
    Any tips or any input would be greatly appreciated as I am still prone to mistakes at this point.

  11. [​IMG]/92abed21bef46c1c431c7eb9c71a5f9f.jpg[/IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Just an update if anyone cares, I now have 2 auto fem LSD sprouts with two leafs I can sorted see a third on the biggest one and one fem THC snow which is still tiny but is still green and doesn't look dead yet under a 400 watt sunspect led I started giving them nutes yesterday I only 2 mls in half a litre as the standard is 8 for a litre.

    I have also just place 8 seeds (6 bag, 2 fem THC snow), I put in a cup of warm water for 18 hours (no sign of roots) then put them in a rapid rooter each that I soaked and then shaked out them put a few times in pH adjusted water then placed them in the rooters and covered the holes as I read its better just to germinate in them in the rooters I have put them in a propagation tray and humidity dome I bought and placed them under my 2x 55watt t5 that was 2 days ago. No sign of sprouts yet my friend also brought over two clones last night one was pretty much a whole plant that was small from outdoor in soil planted late already in flower mode and the other was a cutting of another outdoor plant in veg both are female.

    I have been changing the pH water out the bottom of the tray once per day and have been misting with a spray bottle since last night I also have 3 auto LSD seeds that haven't sprouted in 100x100 rockwool cubes all over 2 weeks old and planted when the others were I haven't give up hope yet though.
    I still plan on building a massive flower area out of wood on my balcony so I can choose to grow most the plants from the seeds I just planted.

    I also planning on maybe buying a 600 watt led for this grow area.

    Any tips and suggestions especially for the seeds and clones in gemination tray and also the tiny THC snow I have no idea what the fuck is going on there.
    I also have been using a shot glass with my pre made nutes and using half a shot glass on each sprout is this right? Or should I be using it the spray bottle I use for mist?

    So yeah haha, any help would be greatly appreciated even on the grow area this is for a medical grow I have a family member that's sick and don't want have to pay both for medical and medicine it would be good to have plenty of bud and hash oil to make food for this person.

  13. Gud luck lv. They look a bit streght so try lowering yr light. But good luck and ya will be ok x
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  14. Thanks kym that's from before I put them under the lights, do you know why this sprout is discoloured crispy and bending down wards?

    My other one doesn't look too big either are they healthy or am I doing something wrong?

  15. Hi love. Ya mentioned ya was givin em nutes.. i wood really only give water or at most a quater of nute that ya givin em as prob av nute burn as so young live. Try if poss to get a t5 maybe for ya lliight as it will see ya seeds through to time ya can go outside. Iive always used a t5 then onto a hps 400 or 600 hps wen big enough and indoor. Not sure wat ya climate like were u are love. Also just spray with water and dont let ya rock wood get wet wet .. it just needs to be miost love.
    next lot of seeds do em in a smaller rock wool or jiffy(siol like pouch) as they may take better.
    Seeds only need tiny amount of nutes at around 3 week old love so need none or drops at most if youger.
    My babies are for same reason too. Ill relative .. so i no it is important ya get it going love and i understand ya av a family nembers health ridin on it so wish u well but dont preasure yrself too much love. Just get the basics.. light. Air. Correct food and water ph . But only water wen needed... ya roots are as important as leaves.. if not more,,, good roots mean strong plant etc. U may av to do trail and error and like me ... lose plants aling way but dont give up. Ya will get there. Keep me posted love x
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  16. Hi forgot to ask... wat do ya mean that thc snow stuff on a clone???? Send a pic if poss. Its not mould is it? Just checking as didnt understand wat ya ment lv xx
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  17. You gave too much nutes too soon imo. Good luck though,I started in soil as it's more forgiving for inexperienced growers. You really need to keep on top of DWC,but I might try it next run.Happy with my soil mix so far anyway.Try asking more experienced hydro growers,they'll put you right.Lower your light like the last guy said,you're plants are stretching..

    Let's get growing!
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  18. Hey guys,
    Sorry I haven't replied it I thought I would give an update as well and it was deffs a pH imbalance that was killing the plant now which has been solved now

    I currently have 5 seedlings (1 auto 4 bagseed/maybe THC snow didn't label) in rapid rooters sitting in plant cups under a 2x55 watt t5 running 24 hours and 2 clones in a prop dome 1 starting to root the other I think may be too far gone. I have been 1/4 cup of oh balance water on each twice a day.
    I also have 6 rapid rooters with seeds still trying to germ which I have been putting a tea spoon of pH water twice a day.

    I have two auto LSD about to enter veg stage I think if not already in it they were not set up too well. I am doing the same with 1/4 water and little bit of nutes I feel they were not under the light fast enough because they don't look too big but it may be because they are auto but they still meant to be big.
    They are under a 400 watt full spectrum led as well as a 24 watt t5 on the side as well running 20 hours on 4 hours off as I heard autos do better under more light as they have less time and restrictions.

    Here are some photos



    And Kim thanks heaps for the kind words xx

    And optimus yields the stretching was from when I first started I have lowered the lights now :)

    Any further tips would be great I have also just set up the dwc but I'm just gonna manually poor the water til the roots are long enough as I have been doing and I'm gonna keep the other 5 under 2x55 watt t5 then move them.
  19. Just an update if anyone cares
    I am about to move my new seedlings into the dwc I am currently finish building. My two autos that are weeks older aren't doing so well there is algie on the rock wool I have tried to cover so no light would get though but it looks worse and one of them has full curled down I feel because I didn't get a good start with them they won't be near as good as the others at the end of my grow.

    Any further tips would be greatly appreciated if not I will still put more photos up when I move them later.





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