Mars 720

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BTNH-krayzie420, Aug 28, 2017.

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  1. Go right to mars site and order
    Looks like the same one for 236 dollars
    Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro
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  2. The reflector 144 that you link to is second generation, the Mars Pro II is new series of our company, now we have COB light.
    You can grow two plants with the reflector 144, the coverage of reflector 144 is 4'x2'.
  3. Is this gonna be in stock for a little bit or is it something I'll have to hurry and purchase? I've thought about getting a quantum board I'm just not sure if I should just jump to the top on my first couple grows. I'll definitely be putting some thought into this though since I'm planning on spending a few hundred on a new light regardless. I currently have a mars 300 for flower and was just gonna get another one but I think it would be better to just get one good light instead.
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  4. dude listen to Tbone, don't be retarded
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  5. I've been in the led growing game for a couple of years. There's no reason to not get the best stuff you can buy first grow or not. You better jump on it they will sell out. They've only been available to order like maybe 4 weeks the last 6 months. It's your lucky day. No reason to settle for inferior lighting just because you're starting out. Start out like a boss.
  6. Ok ok lol jeeze. One last question though, is this quantum board gonna put out a lot of heat? Just wondering if I'm gonna need to upgrade my ventilation or not..
  7. Actually a couple more questions. Do I want the 3000k, and the qb304? It will be in my flower tent for sure. And I don't wanna pay the 25$ for them to put it together do I? I'm pretty handy
  8. Really?
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  9. I should have never said that. My apologies to everyone and the OP. I meant that only to emphasize how much I agreed with Tbone and nothing more. Again, my apologies to everyone here.
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  10. Thanks man.

    I do appreciate it. GC really is a great community.


  11. Simple as can be to build. Save your money. 3k for flower. 3k can also veg but 4k-5k vegges better. 304 is the best board. 288 has 16 less diodes. No brainer there. Not sure why they don't quite selling the 288.
  12. Something funny about the prebuilds and the youtube build video at HLG's site:

    Look at the picture of the qb260 at There is a splice on the output of the driver to two smaller gauge solid core wires. Then those wires plug into the boards. If you look at HLG's website at the picture of their qb260 the driver is plugged directly into both boards. That seems like a better connection to me. Why would you put a splice on the output of the driver if you don't have to? That's why I'm building my own. If you let them do it they put a splice in the driver output and make the driver wires so short they can't reach the boards after that.

    Look at my qb120 thread in the lighting section. Why not put some phone cord spirals on the wires in case they are snagged like I did on my light builds? If you do that they'll stretch when caught if you don't they may pull out and short.

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