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  1. Just threw some clonies in a 4x4 tent i picked up this weekend. Using a Mars Hydro 900w LED light i procured for a deal off of Craigslist. No veg. The ladies are clones purchased from a local dispensary, SFV OG and Blue Dream. I have had good results with these strains under HPS so this is purely an experiment for me. I am using the full FF nute line. Clones are in 2gal smart pots filled with Ocean Forest/ Light Warrior. They got flipped to 12 12 yesterday. Fed RO water and nothing else. Will start feed schedule later today. I am by no means an expert but the KISS principle has never let me down. Feel free to give me tips 😉

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  2. I am officially at day 7 from the 12/12 flip. Plants are looking healthy enough. Feeding Fox Farms full schedule at half strength. LED light is about 14" above canopy. I will update with pictures once it gets a little bit more interesting.
  3. Hey man just a quick question. How long do you wait until you start your FF nutes?

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  4. I fed them it 2nd day in the pot. First day a light watering of ro. By no means am i a pro. I havent had any issues doing it this way in the past. I havent tried doing it any other way either,so there might be a better schedule.
  5. Officially a week from 12/12 flip. Maybe they grew an inch or so.

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  6. Hey man they are looking good you going to train them? Or just let them grow?

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  7. Going to let these run free as i just want to see what the light will do. I will raise up the SFV if the Blue Dreams get too tall.
  8. Cool interested to see how your light does as well!

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  9. Day 14. Nothing interesting going on. The SFVs have gotten taller than the Blue Dream. Next week things should get more entertaining. Using FF

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  10. Johnny you should drop the link for this grow journal in the official Mars-hydro grow family page great people over there.

    lol, looks great, thanks for your support to us, happy growing.
    If you have any questions need i help you or something like that, please make me know, i will try my best to help you. lol
  12. Day 22. Nothing exciting happening. Buds are forming, crystals are coating all growth is a nice dark green. 2 of the SFV babes grew taller than the Blue Dreams but dont seem to be stretching anymore.
  13. Pics day 22

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  14. Nice grow.

    Does that 900w really cover 4x4 @the flowering stage?

  15. Not sure. It certainly looks like it does. This is my first run with it and i chose not to fill the whole tent
  16. Hopefully that main cola gets fat!

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  17. Cool thanks.
    I'll be around watching this then, good luck.

  18. Day 29. Nothing to report. Plants are healthy, maybe a bit too much N. Fed week 4 flower nutes FF full schedule. the blue dreams are frosting up nice and def look like they will just be good sized colas when they are done. The SFV looks like its going to put out a bunch of smaller tasty rock nugs.

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  19. How did this turnout

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