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  1. any one getting married today? 11-11-11 .. i am in like 2 hrs !!!:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

  2. thanks bro we have lived together for a while... she told me if we moved to a medical state that the only way she would move is if i married her... so we moved and well i have to live up to my end lol :wave:
  3. Congratz man I wish I could find a fine lady that would move to Colorado with me. Man..the weed I would smoke :).
  4. it will happen... just walk around looking for some hot stoners... be like look im tryin set up shop and i need you for my arm candy... then flash a fatty sac and a tell her whats mine is yours... !!!!~:D:D

    Edit theres always some lonly stoner chick somewere just gotta be there at the right time when her last boy friend fucks up!!!
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    This is epic. 11/11/11 ftw!

    And Congrats!!!
  6. [quote name='"QPS420"']This is epic. 11/11/11 ftw!

    And Congrats!!![/quote]

    loo yea that's what we was going for lol
  7. Noooooooo donnnttttt doooo ittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  8. [quote name='"Buddz 83"']Noooooooo donnnttttt doooo ittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:[/quote]

    lol your about the age you should be thinking about it to lol of ur a child of 83 :)
  9. 5 years married;)
  10. Sweet man! What are you doing on GC then??!
  11. [quote name='"Rivera"']Sweet man! What are you doing on GC then??![/quote]

    I'm on my phone lol and because im addicted to any thing marijuana
  12. 12 yrs married.........congrats
  13. [quote name='"jrw420"']12 yrs married.........congrats[/quote]

    wow man I envy you
  14. its not easy sometimes...i got lucky
  15. That's awesome man!

    That's like a once in a galaxy thing.

  16. yea lol so far she is 100% cool with the fact that i do what i do.. matter of fact she is my first patent lol even tho my grows are shity cause im a noob....

    heres a vid of her tokeing lol!!! thanks for stoping by!!:D:D

    [ame=]my wife taken a toke - YouTube[/ame]

  17. i know lol 11-11-11 ahhahah smoke something lol
  18. Congratulations man
    My cousin is getting married today
  19. [quote name='"Nick Dillinger"']Congratulations man
    My cousin is getting married today[/quote]

    yea I seen on the news that it's a mighty poupulor event for today's date tell ya cuz a random stranger will spark one up for him and his !!!

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