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Discussion in 'General' started by hippycracker, May 27, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to know if theres couples out there that only one of them smokes. Ive been smoking for over 6 years and I am married to a man who doesnt smoke, not that he hasnt tried it just choses not to. Bless his heart , he makes sure I never run low. :D Like I said, just wondering. Let me know. :smoking:
  2. My old lady has been sniffing up that tree for some time.

    Ain't going to happen. This old hippie is going to the grave without a ball and chain. :D
  3. Sounds like you have a great man, we smoke together alot and on our own. I enjoy smoking a phatty all by myself especially when I am fishing. I also have a great man.
  4. Im engaged to a rather straightedged girl.. But I will die an old happy hippie nonethless. Probably a few years after Rasta_man's smiling corpse rolls over :cool:
  5. Haha i'm hoping to be shot into the space with a large cannon or rocket of some kind when i die.
  6. Allright, Allright.. Your corpse will be strapped to a rocket.. Blasted towards space, but the trajectories will be wrong and youll hit the moon and blast particles into the atmosphere of earth that will eventually cause a fallout of terrestrial proportions in which all of mankind will be high as SHITTT!!!!!

    ....... then you'll roll over :cool:

  7. Wow...whatever your smoking i'll have some ;) Im not that creative on my best days. :bongin: cheers!
  8. Haha all the THC in my body would burn up in the atmosphere and everybody would get stoned.

    It would be like a fine moraccan hash except instead of that, it's dimembered body-parts :p

    It would be worth it to get the world stoned.... that could be the start of world peace... and then a mass famine of epic proportions.
  9. Relatively for the fact that all the world is now in a munchie binge :rolleyes:
  10. Hahaha exactly. A drought too, gotta do something bout those pasties!
  11. Water Filtration Plants will go sub-postal!

    Oh no! Worldwide use of marijuana leads to destruction of humankind.

    Hmm, Do we stick to our small illegal communities? Or all die happy toking deaths while John Ashcroft and the Bush Administration sit around and try to dispatch a stoned DEA bus to pick up 'tokers'....

    haha! I can see the weather channel now...

    "HA! *cough cough* Holy shit.. Umm, what? Am I live? Allright Allright.. Tonights forecast.. Dark! *giggles* haha.. Continuing dark, turning to partially light in the morning.. hahah!! *collapse*"
  12. None of my past girlfreinds have really smoked but they have never stopped me simply because I will not let them. In HS at least, there is no reason to change for a girl that I will probably not see again after graduation.
  13. lol.. trying to surpass hs thompson or something
  14. I'm married to a Str8 Edger. My wife does nothing, no drinking, smoking, Anything.

    I've been trying to get her to take at least a puff be she's scared.

  15. Phh he was just ashes, i'm talking strapping my corpse to a rocket!

    to be fair, the multi-millionaire Johnny Depp paid for Hunter's funeral.

    I dont make that kind of money.
  16. LMAO + rep!
  17. My hubby and I both smoke. We smoke to together mostly but occasionally we smoke with other people.
  18. When my husband takes the odd toke its usually for that good nights sleep..i have no idea what hes like when hes stoned cause he just goes straight to bed. Some of his friends smoke , so its nicer for me. As far as smoking with other ppl hell yeah! havent met a fellow stoner whos pissed me off yet....( crosses fingers) just friendly funny people. :smoke: :yay: cheers!

  19. welcome to the city:hello: you'll love it here
  20. I work at McDonalds, and couples with the munchies pass through drive thru all the time. However one night this car pulled up, and when the windows rolled down, the smell hit me like a brick, even my manager across the room turned his head. The people in the car? A married couple, in their 50's. The moral of the story is, couples who smoke together, stay together.

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