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  1. Are there any other married people here? I celebrated my 1 yr last yr so the "honeymoon" phase is over. Just trying to start a place where we can share the war stories (jk). I am in love with my wife now more than ever. I am interested to see what different people learned about marriage and things like that.
  2. Marriage is bad Mmk
  3. It has it's pros and cons no doubt.
  4. Ive personally never seen the point now a days, but I guess Ive only seen the cons.:(
  5. What are the cons? What are somethings to look out for? I mean if you've lived with a person for awhile, is it really all that different once you're married?
  6. Better question, what are the pros? I mean besides the tax breaks.:rolleyes:
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    Getting married is without a doubt the biggest thing someone can do in life. It is (supposed) to be a life long commitment. You are basically entering a union with someone you trust 100% and as the saying going, your "other half". I have dated many girls through highschool and college and always found things about them that upset me or different traits i noticed. 2 people will never agree on anything and how you handle your disagreements will go along way to determine how successful your marriage will be. ,

    Personally, knowing someone loves me with all of their heart and is willing to make that commitment with me is amazing. Someone I share a deeper relationship with than i ever thought imaginable. I also love having a 2nd family who loves and accepts us, it is all pretty heavy and i know in many cases do not work out like that but it is a very amazing thing.

    1 piece of advice, always be honest with your partner, rather you are married or dating, and always trust them. If you can not trust someone then there is no point with being with them. Just because your last girl cheated on you does not mean every girl will.

    I really hope this thread does not become a marriage sucks kind of deal but an exchange of information with people, maybe discussing problems, that may help others learn.


    EDIT: knowing you can't leave like you could when you were dating makes a HUGE difference. When you just live together you can basically just up and leave, and having that freedom allows you to not put up with shit, which is good because if they are giving it to you when you are dating, it will get worse when you get married and will manifest itself into other areas.

    Life is tough and having a partner that you know will be there for you, to me, in my case, makes it better.
  8. That's real good insight, I appreciate it man. +rep

  9. :laughing:
  10. I was thinking about this thread last night as i went to sleep. There is so much to write about it could fill pages. Funny stories, things i have learned,all kinds of stuff.

    I think another important thing is how compatable people are with each other. i have dated women alot like me and it never worked. My wife and i are a lot alike but we are alos different in a lot of ways. She mellows me out and reminds me i have a heart and she is so nice i make her stand up for herself sometimes. We compliment each other very well in that aspect and i think that is probably what helps it work. If 2 people are TOO alike i have seen they tent to but heads. We have both opened up each other's worlds. I got her smoking a few times a week:hello:
  11. Yep been married to my first and only wife and raising our three daughters for a long time now and it keeps getting better all the time. She's by far the coolest chick I've ever met and is the best friend I've ever had. She was a knockout when I met her and she seems to get even more beautiful with each passing year. I'd do it over again in a heartbeat. For sure it was the right thing for us but I don't think everyone is cut out for marriage and I also think some people never meet the right person, a soulmate they can spend the rest of their life with. I'm grateful I did.
  12. I think a lot of people try to force it and overlook small things when they are dating that become worst and worse over time.
  13. I've been married for like 10yrs kid...let me just say I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy!! Its hell....with that being said let me just say Welcome!!!

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