Marley's Mellow Mood Drinks?

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  1. Has anybody ever tried the Marley's Mellow Mood Teas or carbonated drinks? What about Marley's One Drop coffee? What do you guys think, do they relax you?
    I know people who end up falling asleep when they drink them. I like to drink them when I'm high, because then I feel really relaxed :smoke: And I fucking love the coffee. It's really smooth and actually pretty strong for just a little bottle.

    For those of you who have never seen them, here are the flavors.
    The One Drop coffee also comes in Mocha, but I drank that this morning lol.
  2. I feel like there just trying to get money off advertising robert nesta but Ive never tried them so I dont really have an opinion. Hows the taste
  3. I've tried relaxation drinks before and they're all pretty much the same, with the same active ingredients. In all honesty you can get the same effect from certain foods or even drinks that you dont have to pay so much for.

    In my opinion they are a waste of money :smoke: I'd much rather spark a fatty any day :cool:
  4. They're actually really good. I like them because there's no high fructose corn syrup and the ingredients are natural (rose hips, hops extract, chamomile extract, cane sugar, lemon balm extract, passionflower extract, etc.). The coffees are honestly some of the best I've had.
  5. I actually agree, most relaxation drinks I've tried are pretty useless for me. But for whatever reason, these work for me. I don't mean they make me stoned or anything, but they do make me nice and sleepy so I can actually fall asleep without needing to smoke before bed. And I like them because they actually taste like tea lol.
  6. i like the green tea one. and i'm pretty sure they're only a dollar so not really a waste of money, but i could be wrong b/c i haven't got one in a while. they do just make me tired.

  7. I LOVE them, I always fall asleep afterwards and it saves me some money because I don't have to smoke as much at night :)
  8. I've never tried them but my cousin did and he said he felt kinda buzzed and fell asleep. Idk. I'd like to try it.
  9. i personal like to wake up somewhat early on a saturday that i have nothing to do and no work just to wake and bake a 5 bowls of a strong indica dominant hybrid, and sip a citrus Marley Mellow mood as a special treat :smoke:

    edit:(stoned ans forgot) ive never even heard of the coffee, are they the same an relax you? and how to get one
  10. YES!!!!!! I love them, its so nice to see that other people love them too.
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    Yeah, they're pretty good.

    I drink it because it tastes good. :confused_2:
  12. They are good, but don't drink more than 2 in a couple hour timespan. I've had a couple and they gave me a headache and some irregular heart beat. Otherwise they get your muscles feeling nice and relaxed and you feel a little hazy.
  13. I love marleys especially the green tea.
  14. Your better of just buying some hops and melatonin pills.
    Just take em and drink regular tea.
    Those drinks are stupid expensive.
  15. Rule-nazi Chrismittty wonders if this falls under forum guidelines section 4;j. Discussion of other drugs including pharmaceuticals, supplements and ‘legal’ herbs used as intoxicants. Note: Cannabis, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco can be freely discussed.
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    Tea isn't a drug, pharmaceutical, or "legal" herb. I don't really get how this goes against the forum guidelines. It's just a brand of tea that is relaxing.

    Besides, if this thread was against the rules, don't you think the mods would have taken it down by now? I mean, it's been up for several weeks.
  17. Touche [​IMG]

    But tea is an herb, thats legal, and that shit obviously has other legal herbs and such in it, to make ya chill...but I get your point.
  18. I'm walking to go get one now because of this thread, & I've only tried Berry, hoping to find either the tea, citrus, or the coffee.
  19. Nothing really relaxing about it, nothing special in it, might give people placebo though, and i think it's just a marketing scheme to stoners, and you know how stoners get cotton mouth and need their drink.

  20. You'll probably most likely be able to find the teas. I have only been able to find the carbonated drinks and coffees at Wegman's, but the teas are available a lot of places around here. The coffees are really strong though, so if you're sensitive to caffeine sip it lol

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