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  1. i smoke marlboro mediums and have been since i started smoking cigarettes and i found out today from the guy at the local tobacco store that lights and mediums are being discontinued because its misleading so they are now special blend. i had some mediums left so i smoked a special blend and then a medium and they don't taste the same at all..

    my cigarette has been discontinued.. i'm quitting smoking for good.

    anyone else enjoy lights or mediums? buy some cartons they won't be around much longer. :mad:
  2. mediums in my opinion are pretty 'meh'

    27's all the way
  3. 27's are good but i get burned out on them. mediums are the only cigarette i'd by a carton of. 27's are still in production i'm pretty sure since they aren't "misleading"
  4. I used to smoke reds, now I smoke those new camel crush things. Man they're like candy.
  5. They're getting rid of mediums?!?! WTF.

  6. I dont really care for Mediums or lights either :( but thats an atrocity. Misleading my ass. If I bum malboros theyre always 27's. So good!

    If I even even considerd buying a pack though it would definitely be camel Turkish silver or gold.
  7. Buy a carton of mediums while you still can?

    Or take advantage of this opportunity and quit smoking. I wish I would lol
  8. reds or camel wides are the best...
  9. Marlboro Reds all the way. I think it's pretty obvious how lights and mediums mislead some people. I'm not saying I'm not against the discontinuation, but I know a handful of people that started smoking lights because they thought they were safer.
  10. i work at a circle k in az and not even a week ago i was speaking with a philip morris rep that we had there and he never mentioned anything about those smokes being discontinued. I asked him about the special blends, and he just said it was a new product.

    Marlboro lights are by far the best selling cigarette we have. Hell, from what i hear marb lights are the best selling cigarettes in most places. So i kinda doubt they would discontinue them.

    now as far as misleading goes, you'll notice on mediums and lights there is a specific message that says "Lights DOES NOT mean a safer cigarette. It refers to taste" blah blah blah So it's not misleading if it says on the package...
  11. mediums said that too but it says special blend on the box now. same box color for both lights and mediums it just says special blend but they don't taste the same! phillip morris can go to hell as far as i care now i live in virginia the "tobacco state" and i can't even get the cigarette i enjoy. screw that i bought my carton and when its done i'm done
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    Ok here's the deal they are not discontunuing Marlboro mediums or lights the reason they taste different is because they are different I work at a smoke shop and we constantly receive new letters from phillip Morris about there new products we are selling the new special blend cigarettes for 4 dollars a pack which is what Philip Morris does in order to start getting the new cigarrete out there. If they were just changing the name to special blend then they would have no reason to sell them at a special price. These are different cigarettes they are not getting rid of mediums and lights I do think it's weird that they are in the same kind of box but maybe since marlboro has come out with like 10 new kinds of cigarettes in the past year they are running out of ideas for boxes or something I honestly think the only reason they come in the same box is because they are selling the special blends in full flavor and lights so basically they are just trying to show u the difference in flavor the most basic way that they know how to in the original colors that represent full flavor and lights they would never ever ever ever discontinue lights or mediums and if they were going to change the name they definately wouldn't make them taste any different do u realize how many customers they would lose if they did something like that. That would just be fucking stupid on marlboros part. So no they are not discontinuing lights I'd be one of the first to know since the smoke shop is basically one of the first to know when any company is coming out with a new cigarette OOO and btw whoever said the switched to crushs in the past couple months I have had 7 people come into my store and say that they started smoking camel crushs and a few months after they started coughing up blood just a heads up for u cause I know I wouldn't want that to happen to me. I THINK SPECIAL BLEND IS ACTUALLY MY NEW FAVORITE CIGARETTES!! they have a less chemically taste then other marlboros. Whoever told u they are discontinuing them is a liar or misinformed because that is very very false if that was the case my boss wouldn't have said marlboro has another new kind of cigarette he would have said from now on when people ask for mediums give them special blends because they changes the name lol.

  13. Lmao, do you happen to work for Marlboros. It seems that every time we have a thread talking about a product you get a bunch of 1 posters giving it top reviews.
  14. It has special in the name so it has to be, um, special. Right?
  15. IMHO i don't think they are misleading at all. people just read the label and think oh it's a light so i mean since it's so "light" ima just chain smoke these things. then they get pissed off cuz suddenly they aren't so "light"

    i mean this is coming from someone who tried to cut down on cigs, bought marlboro lights and sure enough that shit happened.
  16. I smoke marlboro mediums as well, and I recently purchased the "special Blend" and I agree they have a tangier taste to them. However, I actually like them better then the mediums, they dont seem so harsh but they have the same amount of flavor.....
  17. i seriously doubt marlboro is gonna cut their "light" cigarette. i could see the mediums, or the 27's, or the 54's, but not fuckin lights. of all the types of marlboro cigarettes, reds and lights are irreplaceable.

    i don't smoke marlboros though, my dad always has and when i started, i didn't want him to think i was stealing them from him if i got caught. so it was camels until i started smoking menthols, it went from kools to 54's (introductory price) to top to midnight special. now, i'm in the process of quitting and just smoke rolled up cigarette butts when the craving becomes too much or i have to take a shit. i roll up butts because i don't wanna taste delicious, fresh tobacco because i know i would want more.
  18. I think this is just marboro's way of meeting the new governmental regulations that prohibit names such as "light" and "medium" Im sure in a month or two you will see all marboro's labeled with "special Blend" instead of "light" "medium" or "full flavor. I hope they dont change the "reds" cause then ill be playing pictionary with the attendent trying to explain i want the special blend in the red and white box that has the white outline around the top.....thats alot of work, im just gonna do what the government wants, and quit.... jk
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    fuck the 27's get the russians! 2 dollars a pack!
  20. these special blends are fucking garbage i bought a pack the other day cause they were new and on sale. last time i buy a pack for the price

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