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Discussion in 'General' started by Five To One, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Anyone else smoke these besides me? They are menthol but not like no other, this is acctually a pleasant menthol taste, just as the name describes they are very smooth and enjoyable to smoke... more than charcoal taste :/

    Hey and they sell 2 packs for 7 bucks!
  2. I smoke them, kind of a chocolate mint flavor to me. Your getting robbed on price, you get buy one get ones for 3.99 here
  3. Ive smoked em, some of my friends smoke em. They taste kinda like spearmint gum to me. But I like Marlboro menthols more. Even then, its still all about the reds.
  4. yeah i like smooths. buy 1 get one free like 5 bucks here
  5. Dog I want a cigarette so damn bad, but Im tryin to quit before this kid gets here yanno?
  6. ^ totally agreed

    Only girls and the gay guys I know smoke them. Not to bash anyone here. But I hate them.

    Marlboro menthols are nice.

    But nothing beats a good vodka, and a pack of Newport 100s.
  8. I used to smoke newports all the time, but they got so damn exspensive. I am trying to quit myself, but its proving to be pretty hard
  9. Newport is waaaaayyyy to mentholy for me, and I started smoking on those bitches :p
  10. Ugh, I can't stand smooth's. Then again, I'm not a big menthol guy, but those just kill me.
  11. smooths are good, but camel menthol wides are where its at, feel me?
  12. LOl
    a thread about tabaco should at least be about good tabaco.....

    not tabaco with all the stems and shit in it.

    If i were to smoke again, I would choose american spirits.

    Comepair a Marb to a spirit..... Spirits have no additives, no stems, not sheet tabacco.

    Smoking a marb happens so fast, it is shitty tabaco with the equivilant to lighter fluid.
    edit: And i talk about american spirits only becasue its a widley avalible high quality cig.
    theres probably much better out there but... not im America I would bet

    I used to love Marb red 100s
    but in all reality your gettin jipped
    it is like the shwag of tabaco
  13. Yea I'm on my like 5th pack of them in a row so far. I only smoke menthols and these are definitely one of the best I've ever had. Not to mention when rollinnnnnnnnnn.
  14. yeah supposidly these have an INSANE amt of fiberglass in them. i like regular menthols
  15. I smoked Newport Hundos almost my whole life. Still my square of choice but my last pack i bought a pack of kool's. Filter kings i thank they were called. Dude gave me shorts cuz they didnt have hundo's. But i like em. And way cheaper then ports. Bout to cop some kool hundos next time and see how they is.
  16. ^^^^
    is it true they are recalling the smoothes? if it is thats a bad bad thing
  17. IDK, I was stoked to try them cause I like menthol sometimes and then I did a quick google search for marlboro smooth and this was the 1st link. Could be bs, could be true for all I know, but for now I'ma stick to 27s.
  18. the smooths are pretty not too big on mentholated ciggies but the first one i smoked blew me away, they have a very unique choco-mint flavour. i smoked em for a week or so but the reds called me back.i roll my spliffs with smooths though.menthol and pot goes hand in im a camel lights guy...reds gace me bronchitis.....IT WAS THE REDS!!!!!
  19. honestly they are something you got to get used to, i didnt like it at first but i baught 2 packs because it was 7 bux.... by the start of the second pack i was hooked. It taste like your smoking mint hooka and they are so relaxing..... *walks out side a sparks one up*

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