market of a new bong 350 range

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  1. meh went the fastest way. bought that stemline, an adaptor for my vape and some beeline thx everyone
  2. You're gonna be happy with it. Stemlines are awesome.
  3. i say stemline but just because i just picked one up a few weeks back...they are def the coolest delivery method on the market...The diffusion and lack of drag is just incredible....quality is unsurpassed.

  4. @lt ships fast to canada?
  5. Yeh they ship fast and discreet.

  6. fuck yeah man like 5 days or maybe less, prolly get it next wens or tues, glad to see maor CANadians get some gewd gla55
  7. They ship really fast ordered it expecting it to get here after I came back from vacation but nope it came 3 days after I left and clear customs in an hour! Thank god my mom is home to pick it up .... but once she sees fragile she will shake her head lol.
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    just received my bong and i must say @LT SHIPS FAST. LA to Montreal in 5 days.

    THAT BONG IS A BEAST. love vaporbong
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    Op I know you already made your decision but im gonna give my input anyway.
    Stem 8 or dwb custom ftw
  10. EFS is great, actually. I love how clean his work is: very defined lines, all flows seamlessly. DWB has got a lot of soul though. And, great worked sections & percs.
  11. efs>dwb anyday allday, yeah knew it would take about 5 days to get there, ordered mine on a wens and got it tues or wens, lets see a milk video and vapor bong vid, sounds like you have roughly the same setup as me.

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