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Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever seen the mark thomas comedy product. What it is: a guy called mark thomas investigates some real big wrong doings in the world (I'll give a really good example later) and then he does a standup show on it.

    Last night he did a show on unwanted drugs.

    What is happening is this: drug companies, mainly in America, get tax breaks if they donate drugs to developing/third world countries. But what they are doing is donating USELESS CRAP to countries and still getting tax breaks and they also don't have to properly dispose of any drugs in incinorators which saves them money again. They are sending things like oudourless garlic pills to areas suffering horrible deseases. LIKE WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO CARE ABOUT BAD BREATH WHEN THEY'RE DYING FROM DIPTHERIA. Or the worst has to be APPITITE STIMULATING DRUGS TO AN AREA (I FORGET WHERE) SUFFERING A FAMMINE. OR IN AN AREA AFTER AN EARTH QUAKE THEY ARE SENDING THINGS LIKE BIKINIS!! BIKINIS!!!! The country that gets them has to then say to the charities trying to help them that they need to use a lot of the money to get rid OF THESE FUCKING DRUGS. In Kosovo they had so much unwanted material that they had to build a £30M INCINORATOR TO GET RID OF IT!!!

    And he tells you about these types of things while doing a stand up show about them. What he even did is went up to a drug company with about two tonnes of loose change and dumped it in their car park right in front of the main office and then said he'd like to donate all these coins. They said that it would be useless to them and then they had to move it!!! I LAUGHED MY ARSE OFF... SERIOUSLY I WOULD RECCOMEND THIS TO ANYONE IN THE UK WHO CAN WATCH IT- ON A TUESDAY NIGHT... IT'S BRILLIANT!!!
  2. God that is so horrible, and sadly im not surprised at all corporate america sucks. The dollar should not be in charge.


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