Marjuana Is Officially a proformance enhancing drug!

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    Today I Qualified for nationals and ran a 1min 25.9 sec 600 meter run

    Probably doesn’t mean much to most of you out there but im still in high school and i just ran a time that could place nationally in division one college athletics.

    So who says you can’t smoke a little ganja and still be athletic?[sarcasm] NOT Michael Phelps.

    So there you go two of the best athletes you've heard of today both smoke the reefer. If you haven’t watched espn yet that means 100% of the great and near great athletes of today love weed.

    According to this data we need to start looking into the fact that marijuana may be a performance enhancing drug. [/sarcasm]


  2. pics or it didn't happen
  3. ...just ask Phelps.
  4. you're underage.
  5. Just because someone is in high school does not mean they are underage..

  6. OHHH Someone isn't very good at math.

  7. you dont know me, so dont say that.

    but since you said you're in high school, im assuming you are underage. but maybe you're 18 y/o senior. but i dont really know cuz i dont know you.
  8. If i took a picture of me running that would mean i wasnt running. I could take a picture of my beastly legs but is that what you really want to see? I think not.
  9. We can judge that you are a bit immature though.

  10. Chill, I didnt mean anything by it, i was just fooling around.

    But, If i wasn’t I would say that just as you assumed that i was under age because i was in high school i assumed that you were bad at math because you were wrong about me being under age.

  11. or someone else could have taken a picture while you were running?

    ...or I could just be kidding about the whole thing? am I????
  12. Can we, and how's that?
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    are you? maybe i should post a picture of my legs just to be safe then, maybe i'll even throw in an abs shot for the ladies.

    Sometimes I find it hard to decipher sarcasm by the tone of ones text message. But then again I think others on this form have the same problem because people seem to take everything I say to heart when it was intended to be a bit sarcastic and funny.
  14. This.
  15. what is this so called proformance???
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    Oh, you suck at spelling and grammar too.
  17. Also, you have 169 posts and negative rep. Go figure.
  18. on a lighter note, Santonio Holmes should be included as well

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