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Marjiuana for REAL clinical depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by aznno0odles, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Not just talking about smoking weed because you have the blues , but real depression. what are your thoughts on this?
  2. The depressed, the sick, the blind, the healthy, the living

    we should all be smoking this stuff ;)
  3. I have depression and using cannabis greatly improves my mood, my intrest in life, and the quality of my life in general.

    I prefer vaporizing for depression because its less "stoney" and more of a clear head high that really is uplifting.
  4. I think it's better than any anti depressant.

    Of course smoking all day every day will exacerbate your depression, but even just using once a day in small doses is going to help with depression more than any anti depressant IMO

  5. i agree. too much of anything is bad.
  6. i would think that weed is better than an anti depressant(as stated)

    but i have never been on an anti depressant, i just hear and read things about them that leads me to believe that MJ is a much healthier choice
  7. Try sativas I find them greatly helping with the euphoric feeling. But I find them to be better in smaller amounts throughout the day. I believe its due to my anxiety issues though.
  8. REAL clinical depression?

    What, is that like REAL unicorns? Excuse me everyone, does anyone know what kind of gun I should use to get rid of REAL unicorns?
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    rayguns made out of the rainbow ivory of unicorn horns obviously.

    there are actual guidelines for different types of depression. depression is mainly diagnosed in time frames and relapses.
    basically, depression is a "disorder" of severity.
    2 weeks is usually the criteria that has to be met in order for the more serious bouts of depression to be diagnosed as "clinical" i.e 2 weeks of severe "blue" feelings. but it is more complicated than that.
    i got the sarcasm in your post and depression is no doubt debatable but youre not helping lol

    weed can be great. obviously most people on here hate AD's
    i for one will never stop using weed in treatment of depression. especially when it helps me actually get up and go to work to support the capitalistic system that is a 9 to 5.

    although clinical depression is interesting. i would assume if youre that depressed in the first place any amount of weed is just going to make it worse.
    the heavier forms of depression benefit mostly from lifestyle changes. if that means going to see friends a couple times a week just to get high that can be a very positive treatment. depression thats a REAL issue in your words mean you dont even really talk to people - like me. conjunctive lifestyle and drug treatment works best.

  10. Clinical in there is an actual bio-chemical imbalance in the brain.
  11. Wasn't clinical depression created by Big Pharma? I understand bio-chemical imbalances, but those studies don't ever state whether the imbalance was caused BY the depression or just spontaneously appeared. My guess would be the imbalance in the brain is a symptom of the depression, not the cause. But Big Pharma wouldn't want people to think that... for obvious reasons.

    Anti-depressants are man-made, horrible creatures that wreck and destroy lives....

    And cannabis is a beautiful miracle of nature.
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    Hmmm. And how exactly is that proved when someone gets "diagnosed" with "clinical depression".

    Do they get a spinal tap? Do they even get a MRI? Hmmmm, they dont! (and thats just me pretending tests for a "chemical imbalance" even exist)

    It couldn't possibly just be quacks working in a field of pseudoscience telling everyone that there psychological issues are caused by a vague term like "chemical imbalance", with absolutely no rational evidence to make that claim.

    Nah, it couldn't be just that.

  13. damn it and i both know everyone and their babys momma has " depression". im just trying to say like depression as in sad all the time for no certain reason all the time.
  14. Sometimes they do an fMRI which shows the brain activity in real time. More commonly they give blood tests. There are things called biomarkers, which are physiological signs of a psychological disorder. It's true they don't always do this, but your position assumes all psychological diagnoses are phony.
  15. I have bad PTSD and my boyfriend was diagnosed with depression and is prescribed medicine regularly for it but we smoke together everyday and it helps so much. He even says that smoking helps more.

    On top of weed making me happy, it also makes me feel creative so one thing I do when feeling depressed is to smoke and draw, paint, or start writing which keeps my mid off of things.

    P.S. The most helpful weed I have found to smoke when feeling depressed is Super Lemon Haze. It gives the happiest high to me.
  16. #16 Solipsist NPC, Nov 27, 2011
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    I don't think your understanding something. A test for "chemical imblances" doesn't exist.

    And I take my position because all psychological diagnoses are imaginary.

    Theres a huge difference between a neurological problem, and a psychological problem. Psychiatry makes money off indoctrinating people to believe that psychological problems are neurological problems.

    Autism, retardation, cerebral palsy, psychosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer's. These are all neurological issues.

    Emotions, personality traits, and behavoirs, are not. (EG. ADD, depression, SAD, OCD, social anxiety disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc.) Those are just labels that are purely imaginary and phony.

    In other words, they only exist in peoples imaginations, and are nothing but a byproduct of pseudoscience.
  17. quick, lets all fight about properties of psychosomatic illnesses!

    oh wait...
    what came first again? the chicken or the egg?
  18. Bipolar being imaginary and phony? I find that hard to believe, being that my friend is bipolar and I can first hand see the effects it has on him.
    These labels are made up, but they are made up to classify a subset of the population that is different from the rest. In other words, their being fictional conjurations from our rationality serves a purpose, to categorize. Just like blue or red, or twelve or thirty eight million five hundred and six, they are useful to be in existence. I mean, imagine going to a car lot and picking out the car you want from a distance without these imaginary words; no numbers, colors, or other descriptives; pointing is a bit vague at large distances. Although this situation is a little absurd and can easily be remedied without descriptives, they make life easier.
    Depression (as in my case) or Bipolar disorder (as in my friends) are very real; the words may be things we make up, but the affects that those words describe are real.

    Dont get me wrong, I hate big pharma and and the practice of diagnosing the slightest issue as a whole slew of problems. But the main reason that pharma can con people into taking their drugs to fix the issues they are labled under as having, is because these issues exist.

    On topic, if I smoke too much in a given time period, I'll hit a slump where medicating just won't help much anymore. A short break fixes that, though. Smoking a tiny bowl shortly after breakfast puts me in a good mood for the whole day; I don't know whether its the habit or the THC, but I do know it helps get through the day. And I also know a chronic-use synthetic pill is never entering my body; I know more of what marijuana does to me than what it will. Hell, every commercial for ADs I see states " thought to act..."; THEY don't even know what this shit is doing to our bodies/minds with 100% certainty (some drugs)
  19. The way I see it is that psychology is simply a field of science that does two different things. It, like 1sttimegrower said, classifies and describes any part of the human brain and mind for reasons that were also stated in 1sttimegrower's post. However, like Solipsist NPC was trying to say, it is also a field that seeks to treat what is sees as mental "disorders" with treatments that have historically been quite speculative. There are at least 5 or 6 different "approaches to psychology" that each dedicate a different general cause to mental illnesses, with physical causes in the brain (e.g. chemical imbalances) being only one approach. At this point in time it is still occasionally labelled a "pseudoscience" simply because most of it's theories truly lack an acceptable amount of empirical evidence.
  20. #20 Solipsist NPC, Nov 27, 2011
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    Did I ever say psychological problems aren't real, and that they can't be severe?

    No I didn't. Bipolar disorder isn't real, the symptoms of it are. Im just saying the act of taking the symptoms of bipolar disorder, and claiming that its a neurological disease, is pseudo-scientific bullshit.

    The only thing I was talking about was psychiatry. Which is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT from psychology.

    I still don't like how psychologists equate personality traits, emotions, and behaviors with neurological diseases. But psychiatry takes it to a whole new level or retarded.

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