Mariuana Dealers Offer Schwarzenegger One Billion Dollars

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Offspring123, Aug 7, 2007.


  2. fuck yea!!! power to the farmers!
  3. and whats sad is Schwarzenegger would never have the balls to accept it. If he did i'd be flabberghasted. Say hello to more debt...
  4. It's too bad that marijuana can't be legalized universaly. SOOOOOOOOOOO much money would be saved, and a lot of real problems could be solved.
  5. i think this is such a good angle on the legalization battle.
  6. hmmm thats a good strategy...could they really afford a BILLION dollars though?
  7. sure with enough medical growers/clubs supporting it in the cali area, let me know if he accepts it, he would be a real hero just like those movies and have balls 2 do whats right.
  8. Has anyone heard or read anything relevant to this story since the post?! I would love to know!
  9. drugs are a big piece of the "black market". make them legal and you'd cut off the money to a lot of bad people.

    only problem is the government works with all those bad people. just look at the vietnam war, the CIA protected thai drug lords that were smuggling heroin into vietnam to keep them from retaliating inside the united states / minimize the amount of heroin coming into the united states from thailand at the time.

    and then there's osama bin laden who we supported with money, weapons, and training

    ...and oh yeah, Saddam Hussein who was put into power as well with the help of the CIA

  10. Yeeah that's what I figured. if any form of this deal goes through, well, there's just a lot of potential from this alone.
  11. Our country is in a tremendous amount of debt. If they legalized, taxed, and regulated weed like they should, we would all be a lot better off.
  12. Signed and forwarded to friends. It's a shame it probably won't matter. Dumb bastards in power.

  13. Just one of our medical shops here in town made 9 million in 6 months, so you do the math.
  14. With the heavy concentration of smokers in California, I say 1 Billion is completely possible.

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