Mario beat in 11mins?

Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I saw that a couple days ago. It's fucking amazing.
  2. haha i just saw that ya thats pretty tight hes hits like every canonball n shit
  3. i give em props if it was real....:D
  4. wow, wow, i think i can die happy now
  5. I was in awe for the 11 minutes i watched that video, if its real, then that guy is one of my heroes.
  6. i'm betting that this guy programmed the thing or he somehow cheated on the warp thingy. how do you get from the first level to the 8th? well the flute obviously but you can only go to the 4th world... i'm confused. but the bullet thing was funny.. maybe 70 lives in one level... hahaaha
  7. o my fucking god

    that was the most TITS thing I've EVER seen in my entire life... doubt it was real though, if it was, then he played waayyyyyyyy to much mario.
  8. Shit i would be scared to challange that guy to the death match in mario 3, he would probebly kill me for real
  9. yea i saw that on another forum, the guy is fuckin amazing
  10. if you use the magic warp pipe deal WHILE in the warp pipe world (as in use two!) then you can go to world 8, BAHZAA!!
  11. if u guys like megaman check this one out, a video of someone beating it in 28mins this is impresive jst cause meagaman is hard, but it doesnt look as kool as Mario 3

  12. That is correct sir! Give the man a prize, lol. :D
  13. I could never get past level 7... and i never knew you could double flute in the warp :(

    Hah, but he totally missed the third star and got a shroom :)
  14. i whatched the megaman one its fucking insane i dont belief for a second a human could make perfectly timed jumps like the ones in this video the mario one maby but megaman no way man and the battle with crash man and quick man are just nuts can anyone confirm if this is real or not, if its not then meh its nothing special but if a kid fucking did this then fuck man my hats off to ya
  15. u got anymore games with people beating them super fast? where did u find those?
  16. that mess is trippy
  17. Wow. Imagine the dedication that went into perfecting that game.

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