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  1. So I am currently at the mayo clinic in Scottsdale and as a result of traveling have no medicine. The doctor wouldn't give me weed at mayo but would prescribe marinol (they don't work for shit) So after taking 4 of them I'm feeling nothing is there anything that can help? Also will the time I spend here count as a T break since technically marinol isn't thc but acts like it? please help I need relief and the doctors are pretty much useless and It's to the point where this is my last chance or I'm fucked
  2. Please anyone have anything I'm literally punking my guts out and want to die is there anything I can do or dispensaries in AZ or something? Please Ive already taken over my daily limit of the marinol and unless you can od I'm about to down the whole damn bottle
  3. If they don't accept your card from whatever state you are from (assuming CA) in AZ then you are out of luck. If they do, get on weedmaps and scope out the area.

    Edit: they accept other states registry cards. Do you have a red card?
  4. I have my cali card but I don't think AZ has medi shops
  5. get on craigslist and find a caregiver.
  6. Go to an area where people are hanging around or go to a bar and look for people that look like they smoke. Give the universal "I'm hitting a roach" impression when they look at you. They will either do nothing or someone will smile and shake their head. If they do, wave at them to come over, ask them if they can get you some and you will be smoking a few minutes later. If you can't do this then you don't feel that bad.
  7. Or I don't want to get busted by an undercover.... but it doesn't matter because I am leaving mayo they are fucking worthless and I literally had to go to the fucking ER while a patient because my doctor refuses to do anything for me. So to anyone considering going to the mayo clinic don't. They are a waste of time and money and the doctors are some of the most closed minded people in the world. My doctor actually said medical mmj was bad for bipolar and naseau roflmfao :hello:
  8. well im not saying the doctors arent close minded, but MMJ can be bad for nausea, its kinda a catch 22

    for some people it can cause whats called (i think) hyper emesis, which is basically unctolable vomitting, this happens to me sometimes, sometimes ill be smoking and it just gotes down the wrong way and i have to puke almost instantly.

    and on the other hand i help cancer patients who say nothing else will touch their nausea, hell sometimes even for me nothing else will touch it!

  9. I hear you bro but the thing is I already took that into consideration and have had two docs tell me it isn't that. And hyper emesis is actually characterized more by when you smoke you get sick and have a compulsion to shower. It is very rare and my psychiatrist has a patient with it so she knows I don't because that isn't my problem. Basically mayo just said we don't know I complained to the liaison and she got in trouble for not scheduling follow ups after tests or returning calls even after an 8 hour ER stay after I was already at the mayo.
  10. marinol are the shit!! i take 2 10mg and they last about 5 hours for me.

  11. Well IDK about you but I personally have a high tolerance to cannabis and marinol just doesn't quite do it. It made me hungry but that was it. And from what Iv'e read it is pretty hit and miss with who benefits and who doesn't. I was taking the highest safe dosage 25 mg at once (not only is that more than what is recommended for daily use, but after 30 mg it can induce seizures and can be potentially lethal). Remember it is 99% pure SYNTHETIC thc so it is fairly risky and I have been finding many negative reviews but anyway its pointless now because I'm out of the mayo and back to my normal regimen and such

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