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  1. my friend says hes got 20 5mg marinol and he will give em to me for 3 dollars a piece

    1) is this a good deal
    2) can you overdose on marinol
    3) whats the high like
  2. marinol is a synthetic thc
    pretty sure its just an appetite stimulant
    it has no recreational value on it what-so-ever though.
  3. iight thanks, i wasn't sure about this drug, but i thought i might as well ask on here instead of just using Google like a sensible person would
  4. Hes scamming you, marinol has no rec value as the guy said above.
  5. Some people say that they get some sort of high from it, although it's not the same as smoking weed. I would probably buy 2 for 3 a peice. But i have money kicking around so if you don't i would probably say dont do it.
  6. well,in larger quanities it might have some rec value,why not buy a few to try out?
  7. Why not just buy a gram?
  8. Marinol = shite
  9. Yea,true,but why not try new things,experiment,from what i heard on erowid its has some rec value.

    why buy blotter?
  10. Because you'll get a much better buzz than Marinol.
  11. I've heard of people popping them and dumping the oil on weed (like a blunt/joint) and smoking it with good effects.. Long time stoner friends of mine too, ones who aren't like like "duuuude" or "braaaah" either.

    If they're name brand they're just THC in sesame oil, with gelatin, glycerin and coloring added (for capsule). I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work since delta-9-THC is delta-9-THC.

    The only problem I can see from eating or smoking would be the dose level (I have no fucking clue how many mg of THC is in a hit), improper method of doing it, or just not feeling it the same way (some people, like myself, just aren't effected the same way with edibles). Just my thoughts though, I could be wrong.
  12. If you say marinol has no rec value what so ever you proably have never tryed it. Its a strong clean longlasting high!
  13. Quoted for the truth.
  14. i've taken 8 .5 marinol, because people kept saying it got you higher when you smoked on it, and got you high on its own too.
    so i take 8 at once....6 hours later, nothing.
    i smoke some weed....i smoked a couple bowls. felt like i just smoked a couple bowls.

    shit DOES NOT get you high. it's an appetite stimulant and anyone with a good head on their shoulders will tell you the 'high' is placebo.
    shit isn't even thc, it's synthetic

  15. Are you kidding me? THC is THC. It doesn't matter if it comes from a plant or if it's made in a laboratory, it's going to work the same way every time.
  16. THC is a chemical compound, it never changes.

    The way it is absorbed and the lack of other cannibinoids is what would determine how marinol feels

  17. exactly. it might be thc but other cannibinoids play a big factor of your "high"
  18. :rolleyes:
  19. doesn't pure thc burn up too fast in fire? i've heard something like this, so smoking it wouldn't have any effect on you, you'd have to eat it or something.
    if i'm wrong then correct me, but i know there are rules on thc oil, vaporizers, and others idk.
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    I've tried it, by prescription. It made me feel sick and dizzy. I'd rather take Zofran. YMMV (your metabolism may vary)

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