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  1. ok a buddy of mine gave them some stuff and well there called Marinol
    i did some looking up and well it says it just like bud its got thc in it and every thing my boy told me its like smoke 4 joints and shit im just kinda scared to take one any one hear heird of them or takein some

  2. Marinol is a pill form of THC.
  3. Marinol is synthetic THC. Not exactly the same molecule as THC, but it binds to the same canabinoid receptors as THC.

    Healthiest way to get baked imo
  4. I heard it doesn't really get you high or anything. As far as I know it is mainly used for bringing a persons appetite back and such.
  5. Well, one way to find out....

    I'd scrounge up any information Erowid would have, and then make a choice. You could always " get rid of them" if you don't have a use for them. Then, go buy some real herb.
  6. It does get you high. A while ago my friend had the 10mg pills and was selling them 2 for 15. I didn't take any, but a lot of my friends that have been smoking for years did and it got them BLOWN.
  7. well i dont need to buy some i got an Oz of haze and i was just seeing if you guys know any thing
  8. lol that shit barely did squat to me. one pill got me hungry and felt light headed for about an hour. the pill is to boost your apetite, not to get you high.
  9. What MG pill did you take? Everyone that I knew took at least 30mg, and they were blown as fuck. But I wouldn't waste my money on that shit, id much rather roll up a blunt.
  10. Don't pop it, pack like a tiny bowl with bud, just to cover the bottom and hole really, then squeeze the stuff outta the pill on top and smoke it... its like smokin 6 bowls lol.

    Iv heard that its pretty hit-or-miss if you pop em, sometimes you don't feel it, other times your too stoned to even move.

  11. I thought the strongest dose was 10 MG? did your homies pop 3 pills or what? i took 1 - 10mg pill.
  12. i just checked out some prices on these....10mg - 60 capsules - $1300....FUCK THAT!!!
  13. yeah they took 3 of the 10mg pills
  14. I took like 4 of them sometime last year and they didn't really do anything. Maybe a really light body high.

    But hey, if they work for you, that's cool. :D
  15. It kinda gets you high, Ive taken em before. Really what I would reccomend is smoking some real weed and take those at the same time.

  16. Allright, my bad homie. Just a suggestion. can probally help you a lot dude.
  17. well i smoked 3 bowls b4 heros came on last night and then i pops 2 of them and OMG I GOT FUCKED UP i woke up this morning i not rembmer any thing that happind last night it my girl tells me i was fucked up
  18. haha im excited now, i might have the chance to take some on monday !!! hopefully but i will deff smoke a bunch too, kinda sounds like what u gotta do, n these rnt only for appitite, my friends dad has cancer and the smoking of the herbs is to much for him so his doc gave him these ial find out the mg n let all ya cuddies know
  19. If you can get ahold of some try squeezing them out on top of a bowl, Ive heard it gets you super fuckin baked.
  20. alright sounds sick!, they come in orange gel balls right

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