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Marinol Write-up Review/Report

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NCDROGRO, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Well I was just prescribed Marinol recently for my medical conditions & I see question's from time to time here regarding it. So I decided I would do a sort of a mini report/review on it, I guess you could call it a write-up on it's affects and how it's working. Below I'm posting a few pics of it they are 2.5mg capsules the lowest dose they make with the next being 5mg followed by 10mg. I have been prescribed a dosage of 2 capsules twice a day before lunch & dinner.

    More info to be provided shortly.


  2. If you don't mind could you write up how it makes you feel/ the side effects? I've heard bad things about it compared to the actual herb.
  3. That's an awfully large pill for only 2.5mg of active medicine. That means the rest is composed of a tylenol type med. That's my problem with Marinol, i really don't think that's necessary.

    And, does anyone know the bennefits of Marinol over weed? seems funny to me that they're trying to replicate a natural plant, and put it in pill form.. hmm.

  4. Doesn't seem funny to me, it's all about $$$$$ and controlling it.
  5. Hey Tom, sure I'd be more then happy in my write up to explain the affects and side effects of it. I just started it last night with the first dose didn't notice too much maybe a tad bit of light headedness & a overall general relaxed feeling but nothing extremely noticeable it will probably take a few days of doses to start noticing any relief or it's side effects if any. I've heard mixed reviews on it as well compared to the real thing so I'm interested to see myself. Stay tuned! :)
  6. They actually really aren't that large of a capsule at all, it may just look large in the photo cause it was a up close shot making it look larger than it actually is. It's all a money thing for the Big Pharama companies that's all the fact of the matter is they can never replicate the compounds of the actual plant and they know that.

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