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Marinol VS smoking

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tsem727, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. What are the pros and cons of each?

    has anyone tried both and prefers one over the other?

    looking for some comparison so I can figure out what is best to fit my needs (chrons)

    Any help/advice/links would be much appreciated!
  2. I've done a bit more research, and from what I read Marinol only has THC, no CBD at all... CBD having the anti-inflammatory effects that help with my specific case.

    My only worry with smoking is being high all the time, but i guess that is just a measure of dosage

    and vaporizing instead of smoking seems to eliminate any negative aspects of inhaling cannabis.

    ... it seems Marinol is highly inferior as well as taking longer for its effects to be noticed, and costing more...

    does anyone have any positive experiences with Marinol?
  3. I haven't taken Marinol, so I can't report with personal exprience.

    However, I heard that Marinol is not as effective or as instantaneous as vaporizing or smoking. It is not the same (chemically) as natural marijuana. Therefore, the effects are (of course) different.

    I love how the Pharmaceutical industry says ... marijuana isn't medicine ... marijuana isn't medicine ... and yet ... they're trying to sell marijuana (in their form) as medicine. You know why? BECAUSE IT IS MEDICINE. (Paraphrase of Craig X's argument)
  4. Marinol is the synthetic version of 1 cannabinoid(thc). In real marijuana there are over 400 cannabinoids and frankly, we don't know exactly how they all mesh and match up to create the effect that we all find some enjoyable.

    Most of the reports i've read have marinol working more or less for a limited amount of time, but people build up tolerence to it really quickly since its a concentrated version of one compound rather than a broad spectrum of hundreds of compounds. More concentrated = faster tolerence

    Your results may vary, but I'd only suggest jumping on that bandwagon if you're not in an MMJ state
  5. There is a whole section in my "Granny Storm Crow's list" (link below) on Dronabinol, aka Marinol. The general conclusion is that it is inferior to natural cannabis, expensive and tricky to dose with.
  6. you can't grow marinol
  7. Dude marijuana has around 60 cannabinoids
  8. 66 cannabinoids-but they in turn interact with numerious other substances in the natural plant.:)

    I've taken Marinol, its too strong and too sedating, rather like being bashed in the head with a brick-I prefer Cesamet, but that is $20 a pill. There problem with Mariol (besides that it makes you feel like torpid shit) is that there is no way to moderate the dose. And it hits you rather randomly-generally some time after you take it (I'd hate for it to kick in before you take it but you know what I mean:D) you never know when....
  9. Hey fellow Chronie, I've been maintained on nothing but Marinol along with smoking for close to a year now. At my last doctor's appointment, my GI even told me he believes we've found the receptors that work for me; my Crohn's is completely in remission now. As for Marinol, it's okay. It's a nice backup for when you can't smoke for whatever reason. It is kind of sedating and does hit you like a brick out of nowhere, but I've always been able to control my highs well, so that doesn't bother me, it's actually kind of amusing for me. Plus, if you have Marinol, in 99% of cases, you're covered for a drug test. It's worth getting a prescription, if your doctor and insurance are behind it, in my opinion.
  10. "a brick out of nowhere" Yup, that is Marinol. (Bows to superior stoner) How do you manage it?.. I'm absolute shit at dealing with that stuff. Once I ran into the wall next to the bathroom door three times trying to get to the toliet. "Bap-OK, I know its in there-BAP! Goddamn it, I need to go to the toliet BAM! OW!" That's me on Marinol.
  11. Haha, I'm not quite sure. I always feel pretty clear-headed on Marinol, with some body high. It's just the first half hour or so after it kicks in that's really sedating for me, and I'm riding a euphoric wave of happy for that time, but then it levels off. Now that you mention it though, it depends. Sometimes I am more clumsy, running into little cubicle barriers in our office (the damn things are too close together! haha) occasionally, and just yesterday I zoned out in one of my classes because I was too focused on how high I was, looking at the carpet instead. But, for the most part, I don't have problems with it. I think it depends on if I've slept enough and eaten yet that day too; if not, it'll hit a LOT harder. The other downside to Marinol is that sometimes it'll kick in an hour after taking it, sometimes closer to two, but no matter what, it's out of nowhere, with no steady come come up a little, then BAM! there's Marinol. It's wacky, for sure, but I've just figured out how to manage, I guess.

  12. that sounds a little scary! lol. specially if You were driving at the time

    glad to hear marinol works OK tho, but I can see how vape/smoke effects being instantaneous are advantageous though, not only does it start working when you take it/need it, but you can control your dosage extremely well, taking just enough puffs.
  13. If you grow your own, try making Canna-caps or tinctures........IMO they are way more effective than Marinol, and easier to dose with, plus the other cannibinoids/cannibidiols are still intact.......However.....

    Wife has had the "brick in the head" thing with the tinctures a few times.....:D......A properly made tincture can give quick relief from a variety of ailments with just 1-2 dropperfuls under the tongue.
  14. Marinol is synthetic. Fuck synthetics.
  15. #15 Iceni Toker, Oct 23, 2009
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    Marinol is only synthetic THC, THC is only the cannaniboid that gives you the 'stoned' effect. The real medicine in weed is how the 65 other cananaboids including THC interact with each other depending on how much of each there is. CBD is one of the primary target cananaboids for medical use and is also the one that levels out the CLAIMED negetive mental effects of THC as it's been classed as an anti-psychotic. So for the most effective, healthiest way i'd choose actual weed.
  16. I have a marinol script and its not super potent like you all are saying.. What sort of doses did you take?

    I potentiate my bud with it; I take them prior to smoking timed so that the marinol is in my system while I blaze. Its a good way to save your weed :)

    I have crohns too btw. Natural cannabis is wayyy better for sure, marinol is useful too for sure, but no where near as much. I want to try cesamet once it gets to the US, as it isn't a pill but a spray, which is one main reason why Marinol sucks. Because it is a pill, and if you're throwing up, what good is putting an anti-emitic in a pill form. You will just throw it right back up :laughing:
  17. (peers at bottle) I have the 10 mg dronabinol here.
    Cesamet is a pill, its the Sativex that is the spray.
    I know, a pill to stop vomiting is major stupid, I mean, you're vomiting...and its a pill:confused:
  18. I meant to say Sativex :laughing: thanks.

    I have the 10mg ones as well
  19. Does the Pot Pill Work? - CBS News

    Smoking: quick, instant relief (great for nausea relief and appetite increasing)
    Simple dosage control (inhale until enough relief)
    Contains 66 different cannabinoids

    Marinol: takes like 90 minutes? Definitely not instant
    You take one, it may have been too much, or an hour and a half later you find out it wasn't enough and you need more (difficult dosage control)
    Contains only 1 cannabinoid: THC

    You'll have to look into which cannabinoids are most effective for your condition and if you need instant relief or what, but a dose of marinol is also about 3-5 times more expensive than an equal dose of marijuana, i personally don't see any benefit at all to marinonl, except perhaps a long flight or something but even still you have edibles that would have all the cannabinoids

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