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Marinol vs smoking grass

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Rootie, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Came in a while back and stated that I have a problem eating due to major surgery and the lose of my stomach. Someone in here and excuse me for not remembering who, but they told me about marinol. I got some from my doctor and I don't care for the high it gives you. It gives you a totally different high and to explain it best its more of a body stone rather then a head stone. Does this make sense? Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong or if eating the stuff makes you feel different. Marinol gives me the munch but I don't care for the high. I will say this, a good stone last about 2.5 hours VS a eating stone that last about 6 hours. Once again I step into the green garden with questions. Now that I have had all this surgery I am producing Kidney Stones and trust me when I say they are no fun. I am working on passing my 5th stone in 2 years. If you have never passed a Kidney stone the best way to explain it to a male is its like getting kicked in the nuts but the pain last a lot longer. Hope someone can explain this new high but for now I lean heavy on the smoke for the better high. Peace be with you all and thank God for your health. Rootie
  2. take the marinol to keep you munchin, but find a new thing to get you high...Like some weed or salvia or shrooms or whatever floats your boat..Maybe all the other guys up on the city will have some suggestions..
  3. yeah, marinol is a great drug for munchies, but it only includes synthetic THC out of the several cannibinoids....THC is the most potent of all the cannabinoids, but without the several lesser important ones, the high isn't the the fact that your digestive tract absorbes the THC much slower than when its smoked and put directly int the blood stream, so that explans the long duration and body high..similar to when eating decent bud advice is to keep smoking bud along with the marinol..they'll definately compliment each other.... for the kidney stones..ask your doctor to prescribe you percoset(oxycontin)..its similar to vicodin, yet much stronger and these pills are made with a synthetic substance which is time released, so that one pill can have lasting pain relief for up to 24 hours...actually many people abuse percs by crushing the pills up (which deactivates the time release substance) and snorting them or drinking a water mixture with them...Ive heard from a few people online and a couple friends who had stones, that percs where life savers to them...and having experimented with some before, i can vouch for their effectiveness in relieving pain...
  4. Percocets are 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg of oxycodone mixed with 325mg of tylenol. They are used for breakthrough pain in between the doses of oxycontin (which are the pure oxycodone). Oxycontins are the time released pills that are taken every 12 hrs. Percocets are mixed with tylenol and taken every 4-8 hrs depending on the pain level.
  5. back in my day we didnt talk about the milligrams of a percocrack in a oxypot. We just smoked the herb and got all high. Pills are the devil's bane. Beware that which comes from the hand that slaps you. Back in the 60's you could get four things from your dealer: pot, hash, shrooms, acid and sometimes opium. Back in the good old days.....

    i totally made that up,sorry im alienated out of my spaceship
  6. Oxycontins are also synthetic heroin and highly addicting.
  7. Always know what yer takeing! Or some day you may not be able to stop takeing it!
  8. what do you mean synthetic herin? heron is already synthetic..its just an opiate and its just as addicting as vicodin or codeine..i am drunk a lot and i need some time out so ill be back to read up and make sure this makes sense
  9. erm, i'm very confused...
  10. Oxycontins (oxycodone hydrochloride) is just a strong form of opiates. It is a schedule 2 controlled substance. It is an agonist opioid which is the most effective pain reliever. This means the more you take, the better you feel. It is used for moderate to severe chronic pain. Frequent/repeated use of oxycontin can lead to developing a tolerance and addiction.

    It has often been compared to herion and in the southern states has been named the "hillbilly's herion". The withdrawal from oxycontin is similiar to that of herion because both drugs originate from the same source.
  11. I have to say after going down the road of being prescribed oxycodone,percs,valium, then going cold turkey for over a year with a serious back injury before having a medical implant that was'nt a "Pain Pump", but a Neurostimulator. I would rather use something more natural than what the Big Pharma wants you to take. I am given 10mg Marinol now taken 3 times a day, but I would rather do a few bong hits instead. If they would allow my Doc to give me a scrpit for REAL weed instead of artifical weed I could really benifit more. There are times when pain killers should be used but more and more are seeing the benifits of good weed (smirks) for killing pain and yes it does work.
  12. 6 years later...

  13. word, new blades please check the date on threads. . .

    chances are they already picked what kind of ice cream to get or their dog did actually poop out their watch by now.
  14. HIGHLY ADDICTING, i dislocated and fractured my elbow last year...i will never take pain killers again; ill thank the doctor for my perscription get the meds and trade it for bud.

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