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Marinol vs Cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by joe Biggs, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. i don't have any experience with this..
    but it kills me that the the FDA approves this but doesn't consider cannabis of medicinal value.
    If a pharmacutical company could patent weed they'd change their tune i'm sure..

    sorry had to rant a little :)

  2. I believe it is the other chemicals in marijuana besides THC that help with the therapeutic value. The pharmaceutical companies KNOW that marinol is not as good as marijuana, it's a fucking chemically altered, synthetic substance, which is not better than the real thing. Problem is, those companies can't patent weed, so they developed a substitute and tried to pass it off as a viable replacement. I'm sure it has some medicinal value, but nothing beats grown-from-the-ground marijuana.
  3. yeah man for sure.. i just hate these hypocrites that say MJ has no medical use, but then they make some pill that is supposed to replicate the same thing they stated has no value as a medicine.. lol it kills me.
  4. yea marinol is only a synthetic thc chemical but it has none of the other substances naturally grown in cannabis

    as well marinol is a schedule 3 drug amd might become a 4 soon. and marijuana is a schedule 1 drug wtf!?!? marinol (synthetic THC) is a legal med, yet pot which is natural THC has no medical use. something is wrong with this picture

    lastly some websites say marinol's euphoric effects are greater that pots. any comments because i only have experience with marijuana
  5. Marinols are made specifically for medical patients, so the aim isn't to get you high. I believe they're probably mostly for pain, nausea, lack of appetite, things like that.

    Recreational value isn't much. I've popped a handful before (given to me for free) and barely even got a buzz going until I smoked a bowl, and then I felt a little high... like I'd just smoked a bowl... which I had... sooooo... :smoking:
  6. it makes sense its mostly for those diseases and such, but not for mental disorders. but i figured it has to give some kind of buzz?
  7. from my experience you have to get good marinole cus when i ate 3 it didnt make me high it just make me really hungry.

  8. I don't think it's so much they don't think it has NO medicinal value. But more the harmful properties in marijuana SIGNIFICANTLY outweigh the medicinal properties.

    But then again I could be way off...

    A lady at my work is prescribed marinol for lung cancer. She says it FUCKS her up. Marinol takes a couple hours to get into your bloodstream as opposed to literally minutes it takes when you smoke some hooch.
  9. I took marinol once(or twice) I'm not sure what the mg was,but it was very potent and knocked me on my ass(I smoke daily) Just like when I eat too many cookies made with cannabis butter.
  10. My grandpa was on Marinol in his mid-eighties. It was probably the worst and saddest condition I ever saw him in, second only to the week before he passed away. He was lethargic and hallucinating (that may have been the result of other drugs). Of course he never used smoked cannabis so I can't have anything to compare it to, he could have been miserable on that too.
  11. I have 5mg of marinol in the 2.5mg pearls. Great stuff. I take one of them and smoke as i take it and when he marinol kicks in i pretty gone.

    I got real happy on it and almost a extasy touchy feely thing going. It is definatly strong, but with the 2.5 mg if your over 160 lb you need to smoke with it. the 5mg will fuck you up on its own and the 10mg... that is a whole other story. most i took was 15mg and i sat down and watched almosta whole season of stargate sg-1 before i even went to the bathroom.

    From what ive noticed from people doing them, is some people they dont hit to much, and some people, like my uncle, fell when it kicked in. Just standing after taking a 2.5 and smoking a bowl of arjans haze and bam.. straight to the ground.

    If you get them store them in the fridge as they will lose potency to even room temprature.

    I have heard they are time release, and i am pretty stoned for like 8 hours on 5mg.

  12. what harmful properties?
  13. thanks guy for the info and such. and to the post above this. mj will cause short term memory lost in frequent users but after 2 - 3 weeks of not using all "harmful" effects mj has on the brain will decrease to normal
  14. It truly is disgusting how the companies say marijuana is bad and stupid and then they make a pill to try to replicate it. Why do you need to replicate it, it's already right there!! Plus, as I said, marijuana has SIXTY (60) therapeutic compounds, that all work together along with THC. If you're just using THC, that's not enough.
  15. yeah man.. if they could patent weed then all of a sudden it would be deemed the "miracle plant" by the FDA and pharmaceutical companies.
  16. I've heard of marinol being addictive I just wanted to confirm that?
  17. my mother was prescribed marinol here in texas, and she said it was a very uneaven high. and the high would come on very strong and suddenly. she preffered the plant.

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