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Marinol THC Pill-can the liquid be smoked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PureIndica, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Whats up GC i just wanted to ask you guys a ?. Oh and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section or if there is already a thread somewhere talking about this but i just havent been able to find shit about this anywhere on the internet. so anyway heres the ? does anybody know if you can smoke the liquid inside the capsule. the reason i ask is because i think its a synthetic type of thc so im not to shure about smoking it. i was just thinking about dripping the thc in the middle of a joint or putting it on some herb and vapeing it but im just not to shure about it. and also i have a high tolerance, i smoke dank everyday so. but shit man if anyone can help me out that would be sweet, if not fuck it im prolly gonna try it anyway.
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  2. That sounds horrible. Just take the pill and smoke real weed.
  3. Why dontcha try shooting it up, heard that works real well.
  4. It's probably worth a try, I mean I'm pretty health conscience and normally would never try something like that but I think I'd be too tempted if I had marinol simply because it's so pure... I'd just be curious, is it like extremely strong hash or is it awful..

    Only one way to find out really, or I suppose you could google the shit out of it
  5. The liquid could be smoked theoretically, but it would be easier just to take the pill.
  6. If you smoke dank everyday, why would you bother with this? I suspect someone isn't being totally truthful about something. Not sure what at the moment. But yeah, in anycase, don't do this.
  7. Just take the pill, don't bother smoking. If you must smoke, vape it.
  8. seriously???.....

  9. alright guys thanks. im just gonna take it normaly.
  10. lol wtf is this shit
  11. yea, i have reason to believe they work when smoked..but i didn't know it was synthetic thc:confused:

    but what my buddy and I did was, we got a few of them, popped 'em and dripped 'em on the nugs in the joint we were rolling aswell as some on the bong. we immediately took the bong rips, but burned it like hash-not directly on it..but somewhat hovering over it. We waited for the joint to dry a little then we finished rolling it and smoked it up. i was high as fuck.:smoking:
  12. Take the pill, its more efficient than smoking anyway.
  13. dont bro... just take the pill. don't smoke that shit... it was meant to be effective if ingested, so theres no point in smokin it. just pop it..
  14. by far, don't get me wrong.. but its just another way to get to the same place.

    and haha whats wrong with a little experiment
  15. i thought it might be like hash oil but i dont know
  16. fxcking disgusting man... might as well smoke K2/spice -___-
  17. You can vape it, but why would you? Marinol is synthetic and not nearly as nice as a good natural mix of cannabinoids.
  18. Not only is it synthetic, but THC alone isn't all that great, according to this

  19. Good lord by the way some of you jumped all over this guy for asking a question you would think this isn't the apprentice tokers section. Come on people can't we just get along and help people with a question instead of pretending to be all high and mighty while going through the apprentice tokers section
  20. Alright so it is synthetic. thanks for posting the vid Paleo

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